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  1. Any news on this with 10.5.7? I think it has some problems with HD-Kexts and GMA950/3100...should it still work? Thanks in Advance .
  2. Chameleon 2.0RC1 is out!

    What I don't realy get...this will automaticly detect my NTFS-Windows Partition, and my Ubuntu-EXT Partition and make it ready to boot from? So no tweaking EasyBCD or GRUB anymore? Would be happy if someone could explain me this . Thanks in Advance ~Blue-K
  3. Acer Aspire One A150: iPC OSx86 10.5.6

    Well..I'm realy happy with xXx 10.5.6 on my AAO...since it has more support (special Audio + Video for AAO included, all the other drivers you need...). It also is fast and stable...anyways...I think both (iPC and xXx) are in the Performance the same...but I don't know it exactly...just a guess..
  4. Acer Aspire One A150: iPC OSx86 10.5.6

    Nice Guide..but a question: Why are you using iPC OSx86? I'm just wondering if you got better results than with others... Thanks in Advance
  5. Live from the school-Mac...I can't do much customizing there...but I think it doesn't look that bad...
  6. Acer Aspire 5715Z Step-by-Step Guide

    First: I'm realy happy that it worked for you. The first Guide was terrible, so I decided to update it. Glad that it was a good decision . Now to the Partition. I'll will update the guide one more time, because to partitionate a whole Drive new is only for a fresh, new install, which overrides everything, like I said at the beginning. Dual-Booting how-to will come when I can confirm it works . BTW: After you installed Vista, have you installed then EasyBCD, then add the Mac Os X entry, and then installed Mac Os X? I should try to do this...but I bricked my Laptop around 7-times ...so I wait with that until holiday, and then I'll try... ~Greez Blue-K
  7. Acer Aspire 5715Z Step-by-Step Guide

    First, sorry for not answering the questions...I was busy.. Nope, Updating the BIOS solved this. Look at the Updated Guide..I now recommend XxX 10.5.6. Guide is now Up-To-Date, and I've done some slightly edits. Enjoy it!!!
  8. boot0: done

    I realy don't know where to post this...I hope this place is right...So, what happend:...I have an Aspire One, and installed Mac Os X on an external HD...today I wanted to go further and install it on the internal HD... 1)Shrinked XP-Partition 2)Formated free Space to a FAT32 3)Installed Mac Os on it 4)Reboot boot0 Little shock...Activated Mac OS X Partition... boot0: MBR boot0: done and it stays there. I serached everywhere, but don't found something...Next, I wanted to boot rom the hidden Recovery-Partition (didn't touched this one) but it doesn't boot..always boot0: MBR boot0: done ...I have now simply enough..can somebody please say me how I can boot the Recovery Partition? Simply set it as active with fidsik? Will this work? Many Thanks in advance...
  9. I'm not quite shure why It doesn't work for you, but did you realy select all the Drivers? Especially the Chipset-Driver ICHx? Maybe that's the fault...otherwise I wouldn't know what's wrong... Just as a reminder: Things you should realy select in the xXx-DVD:
  10. Downloading...a Seeder would be great..<cought>...anyways, I will test it also on a AAO and on a Aspire 5715Z, shure I will post the results once I have the iso... A suggestion: ~pcwiz iPC-Distro has the ability to run the Mac Os X Install.app from a "Hack/Mac" without reebooting (so it realy works). Would that also be possible for your Distro? Keep it up! The others don't sleep ...
  11. OMG, this is awesome...just came back from a fresh install...from an USB-HD!!! I had: -An USB-HD -A Latop with Mac installed (not an AAO) I booted in the "Mac", pluged in my USB-HD, restored the xXx-Iso to a Mac Os Journaled Partition on the USB-HD, and booted from it..no Chameleon, nothing..and it worked fawlessly!! Never saw such a fast booting and Install...amazing!!! This is so great!!! No need anymore for burning DVDs, or an external DVD-Drive for an Installation..I love it!!
  12. Mhm..sounds awesome...but a few questions are left... .iso or .dmg? -And why are you talking about that the Stick must be 8 Gig or more? Installation Discs are only 4.7 GB..not more...
  13. Oops they did it again...Website says now Beta 4, but download says Beta 2...again somebody will test?
  14. Some news for the Cardreader-Kext... Look here... Website says that Beta 3 is out...if you klick on download, it says Beta 2...strange...anyways, can somebody test it? I have no time...(Christams Tree, Presents, Food, etc...) Oh, btw: Merry X-Mas to all!!!
  15. I would do it so... 1)Boot from Install-Disc (xXx, Kalyway, etc..) 2)Erase/Partitionate-Drive (MBR, FAT) 3)Reboot 4)Install Ubuntu, Windows XP, or whatever you want...