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  1. 9600 GSO (PCI-e) 768mb

    yes actually I used EFI strings to get it working. I haven't been on it in a long time so I dunno if it works in snow leo, but it worked great for leo. Quartz and full resolution too
  2. so i thought, but as crazy as it seems, any time i restart from SL, it wont load the windows drivers. the windows install is fresh, yesterday fresh, right before the SL install. I'll reinstall drivers and see if that works. could the problem be the new Solid State Drive i'm using?? i don't see how it would be, but thats the only thing i've changed since everything was working fine a few weeks ago
  3. what the title says, i just installed snow leopard and this is the first time im having these problems. every time i load OSX, restart and go into windows, I dont have video drivers or trackpad drivers. maybe something with the way OSX releases the devices? I was thinking about trying the OpenHaltrestart fix to see if that would do anything but i thought id check first.
  4. i just skimmed your post, i'm not sure if this is a similar problem but i just installed SL and would get an IP and a connection, but no internet. i found an answer that if you remove the Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration, it will reset everything and give you a working connection. i backed up the folder just incase, but it worked for me
  5. I did a little searching before posting but couldnt find anything regarding my problem... i upgraded from 10.5.6 to 10.6.2 and typically my WiFi card is supported natively, so I wasnt shocked to see it working from initial boot... BUTTT the problem is even though there is a connection to my router, gets an IP, shows that it's conencted with full bars, it still doesnt have internet connection. I cannot use safari, apple update, ichat or anything. if i restart from windows into SL it seems to work, but if it's a fresh startup, i get connected but no internet. any help? thanks oh yeah, i used the default AppleAirPort.kext and the one i patched using the enabler script from 10.5.6
  6. so that would be making a seperate partition that would boot to xp.. so from startup i would see chameleon, select the grub partition, and then from there i could boot into xp? can grub be installed directly to the xp partition? sorry, im not too familiar with grub, or bootloaders in general for that matter
  7. to start off, i usually have windows 7(or vista) with osx and ubuntu all booting from chameleon. well i recently i installed xp over ubuntu since i dont use ubuntu very often, and i have set everything up right now so that osx is the main partition and chameleon will boot into leopard or windows 7, but not xp... i looked all over for solutions and what not, but the only thing ive read is that i'd have to use windows 7 bootloader to select between 7 and xp.. so im wondering, is there any third party bootloader that i can install to the xp partition so that when i select it from chameleon, it will boot xp directly? then that would work just like installing the grub bootloader to the linux partition. OR is there someway to activate the xp bootloader but just for the xp partition? any help would be great thankss
  8. So I presently am booting OSX(iAtkos 5i 10.5.6 updated), Vista, and Ubuntu. I'm not extremely familiar with the new iAtkos but I believe the bootloader I am using is pc-EFI 9. Correct me if i'm wrong with any of this please. Now what i'm really trying to do is use Parallels in Mac. Now i understand that presently using pc-EFI 9 or whatever, i'm on a GUID partition... and then windows is on a MBR partition... ubuntu on a GRUB partition. as of right now i only have OSX and Ubuntu installed and my Vista partition is clean and formatted to NTFS ready to put Vista back on. So what method or instructions should i follow to get Vista installed back on that partition and make sure it's working through Parallels? If anyone can help or even just further explain to me some details on what i'm doing, i would reeally appreciate it. THANKS
  9. 9600 GSO (PCI-e) 768mb

    So I just bought this card and tried doing a manual installation to get it working with no luck. I'm using Leo4All with a 10.5.5 patched upgrade. I have successfully gotten a 7300GS working so I know I'm using the right steps. If anyone knows of a possible fix or can refer me to another forum then that would be great THNXX btw - the card is a total beast, it tears through anything in windows and i recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade cards.
  10. Leo4Allv3

    ok nevermind, i've figured out that problem, now the problem inside of macs OS, none of my USB drives are showing up, and sometimes cd's and dvd's wont show up for a while from time to time.. is this a common problem? like I said i've never used leo4all before
  11. i still cannot even use the network selector... i'm still getting the invalid kernel id. is this just part of the problem or am i just installing this package wrong??
  12. i have the same problem, even after installing this package i still get stuck at the same spot
  13. Gateway Webcam

    but anyways, yes it's red, i hope you can help
  14. Gateway Webcam

    I have a Gateway notebook and would like to get the webcam working. Not too many people on here are running Gateway, so I'm not very hopeful... but still wondering if someone out there had a driver for the webcam. Thanks, mucho appreciation.
  15. exact same case, not one thing changed... i saw another forum that mentioned adding a .kext file on top of another, but the kext that was supposed to be there was no where to be found. gateway m-series with kalyway 10.5.2