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  1. I want the intel wireless 2200 driver also. I need the Sigmatel 9200 sound driver. Any progress of this driver ?
  2. Seem like this is a bug for Dell notebook display. Have you look for any workaround or solution?
  3. I have successfully installed the 10.4.1 image in my Dell 630M notebook. In order to use the 1280x800 display resolution, I have follow the guide to modified the files 1. AppleIntel915.kext 2. AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics.kext I have changed info.plist 2582 to 2592 accordingly and I able to get the 1280x800 resolution. Problem : When I boot up the MacOSX on my notebook I only get the blue screen and can not get the login windows and I need to press the power button to do a force poweroff my notebook. To get the display correctly I need to connect a external monitor then I will get the display correctly but this is very troublesome. I will appreciated if anyone can teach me to solve this problem and to get the login window display on my notebook corretly