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    10.14 + 4k + HD530

    Hello, I have an Intel i5-6600K with an Intel HD530 Graphics. I installed Mojave 10.14 and want to run a 4k screen resolution. In the attachment you can find my config.plist which I am using currently. In /L/E I installed WhateverGreen.kext, Lilu.kext, FakeSMC.kext. I already searched and tried different things, but nothing got me running at 4k. My display is connected via HDMI since on my Mainboard Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WIFI Rev. 2.0 I only have two HDMI and one DVI port available. Any help is highly appreciated. If you require more information, please let me know. Best regards, frenzycoder 2019-03-31__config.plist
  2. frenzycoder

    ALC269 best approach?

    Incredible. Thanks a lot ammoune78 and Allan! Got it working with layout-id 6 on an InfinityBook 13v2. (just in case someone is maybe having the same issue).
  3. frenzycoder

    ALC269 best approach?

    Hi, even AppleHDA.kext ? Sound is ok if I see output devices in System Preferences or is there a better way to check it? I will do as you say. Big thx for the fast responses BR coder
  4. frenzycoder

    ALC269 best approach?

    Is there also a "vanilla" approach? I would like to solve it via /EFI/Clover only? Or is this a bad idea? I tried it now with the "appleHDA patcher". From the description as far as I understood, you can do it with the appleHDA patcher without touching AppleHDA.kext. I am unsure about the codec commander. I used ubuntu via tryout to get the audio codec data from /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 Now I know it is ALC269 VC V3. I used this information and used appleHDA patcher. Then I did 3 things: Used to replace my config.plist with the one appleHDA patcher created Put the aDummyHDA.kext into /EFI/Clover/kexts/Other Applied the DSDT Patches (HDEF_Patch.txt and system_IRQ.txt to my DSDT) Please see the attached codec information, my EFI/Clover content and the current ioreg (ioregistryexplorer v2.1) information attached. EFI.zip ioreg_export.zip codec_card0.txt
  5. frenzycoder

    ALC269 best approach?

    Hi, thanks for the answer. I saw this table already but I am unsure. There are multiple layout-ids. At the moment I inject 0x01 and it is not working. Should any of the numbers work or do I have to find a specific one? And if so, can you please shortly explain the rough steps how to find the correct ids? And before the layout ids there are four longer numbers. What are they and where to put them? Is it enough to have lilu.kext, AppleALC.kext and the id injection in config.plist or should I additionally do something with my DSDT? Thanks
  6. frenzycoder

    ALC269 best approach?

    Hi, I try to get a notebook working vanilla. I used clover and patched DSDT.aml to get it booting. Now I have power-management issues and sound left. Sound is more important for me at the moment. My notebook has following hardware: Realtek ALC269 @ Intel Skylake PCH-H lspci on ubuntu said: 00:1f.3 Audio device: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-LP HD Audio (rev 21) id: multimedia description: Audio device product: Sunrise Point-LP HD Audio vendor: Intel Corporation physical id: 1f.3 bus info: pci@0000:00:1f.3 version: 21 width: 64 bits clock: 33MHz capabilities: pm msi bus_master cap_list configuration: driver = snd_hda_intel latency = 32 resources: irq : 128 memory : df120000-df123fff memory : df100000-df10ffff What would be the best way to install it? Is it possible to do it only with EFI/Clover or do I have to touch /L/E?
  7. frenzycoder

    NEWS FLASH: Apple switching away from Intel

    Even if they manage to get MACs out 2020 using ARM processors, "beginning 2020..." means that there will be still Intel Macs sold which means with their 5 year support it will be earliest somewhat about 2025 that they can drop updates for Intel Macs. But either way, if Apple would go for ARM (since it may have advantages according to battery runtime and size of the devices), other companies will too and there we go again...
  8. I think it is a great idea, as long as Apple does not cut away features from existing applications. On the other side, in the long term, it may bring more professional software / dev tools to iOS. It increases the motivation to develop for the platform since there are more possible customers per App.