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  1. ....any success with monitor calibration an Hackintosh?

    quick fix... plug your monitor into the other output!! mate had prob on 6800gts 10.5.6 leo4all, samsung 27" tft... for a few weeks i recently replaced my broke 2600xt running my dell 20" ultrasharp & asus 16" tft, never had calibration issues on both leo4all and vanilla installs..both 10.5.6 (diff drives) on replacing my card to a 9600gt, i booted up with just the 20" plugged in.. and ohh noo, no calibration! at the start of my journey to find the problem.. i decided to plug the 16" back in so i could begin my search back with my so gotten used to dual screens... then wtf?? calibration works on the 16".. ok... so i try the 20" profile.. it works!!! so.. hoping it's not just a fluke, walk over to my mates box, swap the dvi ports.. then bamn! works like a charm =) hope it works for u!
  2. Blue Screen after 10.5.3 update & NVinject

    awesome work, can't thank you enough =D just did a fresh install and loaded up a {censored}load of apps on first boot, rebooted then blue screen with mouse pointer. had no idea what could have caused it.. all thanks to the last comment; and knowing i just installed APE... I knew this fix was for me =) cheers again!