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  1. [10.9 - Installation Troubleshooting]

    send me osinstall.mpkg, osinstall.freamwork and i'll patch it for you
  2. thats exactly what i did but i still have no qe/qi.
  3. it does fix the resolution problem but i still have no qe/qi.
  4. Hey I just patched OSinstall.mpkg to bypass the 2gb ram check . To use it you just have to download the attachement and replace the original OSInstall.mpkg with the on I provided. You can find OSInstall.mpkg in /System/Installation/Packages/ . Thanks to PookyMacMan for pointing me on what I have to edit. (sorry for my english, im from greece. ) OSinstall.zip
  5. Hi Is there anyway to install mountain lion DP1 on my laptop with just 1gb of ram ?
  6. Cheap compatible mainboards

    well I have an asus p5qc and it work 100% under lion . But in my opinion you have to go and bye a gigabyte they have nice custom apple like bios and are way more compatible than any other.
  7. Upgrading to Lion

  8. hey man your problem is with the step 2 . are you sure that you've done it corectly ?
  9. ok The thing is that it does recognize you card but not the port .. See step 4 and change the plist to en1 or en0 or even en2 that's the only problem
  10. Give me feedback if it does or not work for ya
  11. what about the icons on left ? how did you make them look like that ?
  12. This is a tutorial on how to get a fully functional atheros wireless card. Please report other atheros models instead of 5005 that work with this guide UPDATE : NEW KEXT FOR 10.5.7 Requirements: (everything attached) 1)OsX86 tools 2)modded IO80211Family.kext 3)modded NetworkInterfaces.plist + preferences.plist Installation: 1)Run OsX86 tools and press view PCI Device/Vendor ID and when it is asked restart your computer.Run osx86 tools and press again view PCI Device/vendor Id . Look for your atheros card Id's for example 192c:001a and write them down 2)right click IO80211Family.kext and press show contents ,then navigate here contents/plugins/AirPortAtheros5424.kext/contents and open info.plist . Douple click it and look for the strings that look like this <string>pci106b,0086</string> <string>pci106b,1c</string> <string>pci168c,001a</string> <string>pci168c,1014</string> customize the first with your own values and delete all the others and then save the plist. 3)Install with osx86 tools or kexthelper the IO80211Family.kext 4)The last step is to set your wireless card to en1. This is optional because your card may be en0 but most of the cards are en1 . If you are en1 navigate on /library/preferences/SystemConfiguration and replace NetworkInterfaces.plist + preferences.plist with these I provided. 5)Restart and you are goin to have a fully working wireless I hope this has helped you. Sorry for my bad english I'm from greece :$ 10.5.7_IO80211Family.kext_.zip IO80211Family.zip OSX86Tools.app NetworkInterfaces___Preferences.zip
  13. hello realy thanks for this driver add P5QC in the list too
  14. Olotiar is completely right. There is also one problem . All the hp dv laptops are bios locked and you can't change wireless unless you hack bios . I think it's the same about c700 series
  15. 1) there is no stable working (or unstable:P) 3945 driver 2) you can't use your ipod touch as a wireless adapter 3) I bought Broadcom 4320 and it works out of the box .Although you can chose any buffalo product because the have broadcom chipsets that are airport compatible. To conclude I think that the best solution is to change your minipcie adaptor (3945) so you won't have a usb one