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  1. SSE2 and SSE3 information PLEASE READ

    After reading many posts i finally figured out that my computer is too old my g5 sits next to it, so its not that bad.... for all the people that dont know that much about hardware... (ie myself) when you boot from the cd and it says press F8 for more options, boot with the -v option there will then be a line cpu features: this is were you find out you have a crappy cpu with SSE only
  2. 10.4.3 boot problem

    i dont want to hijack this thread, yet i am having the same problem: panci(cpu 0 caller 0x0019C554): commpage no match on last routine Amd 2500 Gigabyte Motherboard K7 Triton Series 1 Gig DDR-333 Ram 80 Gig IDE Seagate Pioneer DVD-RW (out of mac g5 ) LG DVD FLoppy Realtek 10/100 PCI Radeon 9200 Pro