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  1. Smeagol

    Installation doesn't boot

    The check says everything is good, that's what is disturbing , i guess i gotta find a mac user then. Anyone live in Vänersborg? ^^
  2. Smeagol

    Installation doesn't boot

    ibook g3 700mhz 640mb ram, 40gb hdd Well, i could boot panther off the external drive...
  3. Smeagol

    Installation doesn't boot

    the hdd isn't external and no it doesn't give an error, it just boots the OS (i managed to install Panther..) I select the DVD as bootdisc, but :/
  4. Im trying to install Tiger onto my ibook, but it doesn't boot! I got an external dvd drive (firewire), if that has something to do with it? Im trying with a 10.4.6 disc. When i tried with a 10.4 i get an error when installing (the essentials) with different versions
  5. It doesn't display in my rss reader and the http://www.osx86project.org/index2.php?opt...0&no_html=1 just says no access, so what am i doing wrong?
  6. I reckon the restore disc that comes with the new macintels only works with macintels and not for ppc macs?
  7. Looks real sweet! Thanks! I lack a macintel too! but with this out of the way, im one step closer to getting one, just waiting to see some benchmarks, but before that we gotta get proper drivers for everything i reckon
  8. I am very curious , but i reckon it's just plain text and nothing fancy
  9. Smeagol

    Thinking about getting the Adobe Web Bundle

    i guess i'd mostly use DW, PS and perhaps illustrator and flash
  10. But then i now read that they won't make it universal, and since im thinking of getting a intel mac someday soonish, im wondering if this'd be a good idea.. Would it run a lot slower or?
  11. Smeagol

    What to get right -now-

    Hey there I'm wondering what install (prepatched or not) i should get? I've been trying to find some of my answers but i thought a post like this would make be the easiest way. What can i expect when i install, will i have big problems or is it possible? I asked before about sata support, has that been made possible or is that a lost race? network, sound, um, yea.. and if there is something else You can always PM a link to a torrent I got: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0GHz Asus A8N-E 1024MB RAM GeForce 6600GT 128MB PCI-e Im sure people post 100s of these, but i couldn't find one when i did a quick overview so i hope you won't kill me
  12. Um... this should be farily straightforward eh, if i wanted to do so? O_o
  13. Smeagol

    Install XP on a mac and get the money!

    aw {censored}, im so sorry
  14. http://winxponmac.com/The%20Contest.html Hope it has not already been posted in here, or ill be ashamed
  15. I'm wondering, i use a nforce4 mobo (with Nvidia nForce4 ADMA controllers), as well as an extra ata controller (Promise Technology Inc. Ultra IDE Controller). Will all my harddrives be visible you think? Have anyone tested with similiar equipment?