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  1. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    Southbridge Intel 82801JR (ICH10R) rev. 00 i have this board. any chance with mine?
  2. you can try iatkos 5i 10.5.5. i managed to install but!, i get to the grey apple screen with either a little STOP box on top of the apple OR an alert that say i need to restart PC in like different languages. thats as far as i can get. I ordered a new video card so hopefully that will do something.
  3. i bootup from the DVD, takes me to the grey apple screen, the wheel spins and then a box on top on the apple pops up, looks like STOP box. cant do anything. I restart again, bootup from DVD, i press F8, enter -v, then i further down the screen i see something about Dependencies and choosing a different style. What exactly do i need to do?
  4. So installed OS X (iatkos 5i 10.5.5) on my Dell Vostro 220s Slim Tower, i chose AHCI SATA driver and speedstep b driver and voodoo kernel. i reboot without dvd and it gets to the Grey apple screen, wheel spins until i get a "you need to reboot your computer" screen. nothing happens. What exactly do i need to chose in the driver menu?
  5. Has anyone managed to install on a Dell Vostro 220s slim tower?, I also have iAtkos and ToH but i have no managed to install it, i get to the Grey apple screen where the wheel spins on it and it just keep spinning, any help? guides?
  6. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    Will this work on a dimension 4550 P4?
  7. Okay where to stay, ill try to make this short and simple, I have a Dell Dimension 4550 Desktop PC, Pentium 4 2.0Ghz, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD EIDE, ATI Radeon 9550 AGP 256MB. I was pretty skeptical about the whole thing but i said what the heck, took a spare 80GB HDD, installed it, poped the DVD in, booted into the DVD, Erased the Drive, named it Leopard, partitioned it with the name Leopard set it as MBR, installed OSX (chose no options), after that i rebooted (you need to leave the DVD in the drive), It took me to the grey screen with an Apple and this rotating thing lol, at times it will just freeze, but what i did was i turned my PC off then turn it on again, took me to the grey screen and i arrived at the setup screen, fill the stuff out and you're good to go, you're in the Leopard desktop. At this point you can take the DVD out and install you can also install SOFTWARE updates not system updates otherwise you're screwed, another thing was that when you click on the About My Mac it crashes and you're desktop will load again, i have not got this fixed yet . Everything worked out the box for me, Graphics (though i can not get 1280x1024 resolution only 1280x768), Ethernet worked, sound worked, my Logitech wireless keyboard and mice combo worked and network card. *Before ToH i tried to install iAtkos, well i got it to install but it will hang on the grey screen so i gave up. ToH seems to work so i would go with that one. I'll keep you guys posted if anything comes up.
  8. iATKOS v1.0i R2 apple frezze...

    That happened to me once, and one time it just stood there spinning, then next it just froze. I installed ToH RC2 and i couldnt get it to boot with the DVD, so after 4 tried it booted with the DVD in the tray and booted into OSX, couldnt get it to run without the DVD but at least it worked. go with ToH RC2, i find it easier to get that working. Dell dimension 4550 P4 2GHz 2GB RAM radeon 9550 agp 256mb 40GB hdd EIDE
  9. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    i have installed iatkos1.0R2 10.5.2 (used kalyway) on a presario c751nr notebook, dual core, i check software update and there are things there, is it safe to install them?, i see Mac 10.5.2 update (i know i dont need it), quicktime update, etc etc, they require reboot. help is appreciated guys! thanks
  10. Kalyway 10.5.2 Update on TPB

    just a quick question guys, can i use any apple software on iatkos leopard? i mean yes it is leopard but i get the feeling apple software wont work on it for some dumb reason. feel free to put me in my place lmao. thanks all
  11. i have some kext files on a SD card. how do i install them? in the terminal? and what do start with to start installing them?
  12. I installed the above OS the first time, it installed perfectly, So my laptop started heating up, is there any way i can change this so i can switch back to it because right now i am running Ubuntu. I also have a spare 40GB External HD (IDE), i managed to install Iatkos on it BUT! when i try to boot it would give me a apple.boot.plist not found error, i read on the internet that there are problems with IDE but it is so confusion so hopefully YOU can help me. If not then my only option is to install on the internal HD on my laptop (SATA) but it heats up too much so i need help. Thanks to whoever responds!
  13. Leopard on External HD?!

    On my laptop i have installed XP SP3 dual booting with ubuntu 8. now i want to install leopard on my external HD, will that interfere with my dual boot? do i have to flag the disk as well?
  14. 1. How do i dual boot with XP, i have XP installed but i want to add Leopard to it now. 2. before i erased the drive and installed XP, i had leopard installed, but! i couldnt get it to boot without the DVD in the drive, how can i do that so i that i can just go back to the leopard and fix it? 3. Why when you install Leopard the system heats up? Presarion C751NR 1.5GB RAM 120GB SATA HD Pentium Dual Core Thanks all!