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  1. I've got it running on my core duo.
  2. johnnybn

    Wine+X11 Update

    How are you guys getting these additional apps to run? I finally got winzip running but can't get anything else! Someone help!
  3. johnnybn

    Wine+X11 Update

    Hey all, I'm getting re-familiarized with all of the Mac stuff (just bought the intel box) and would consider myself a novice. This WINE thing is extremely interesting to me. I've got it installed and running, and was able to open 'winecfg' from the X11 console. however, i am not able to get any apps (besides the bundled ones) working including the winzip10.exe example from Javarants here: http://www.javarants.com/B1823453972/C1242...3301/index.html When I type in the command 'wine winzip100.exe' I get an error : "cannot find 'winzip100.exe'. I have even gone into winecfg and added it as an application in the app list. Is there a special place that I need to put apps in order for them to run? Do they have to go in the 'bin' folder within the Wine library? help is appreciated...