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  1. version. 10.13.2 Updated it to a .zip Link removed Followed the guide and to hackintosh promised land we have arrived: all working flawlessly, including wifi. (bluetooth not tested). I had loads of trouble with the pci-express card. I think it's because mine wasn't proper "handoff". Ended up going down the m.2 route and the BCM94360CS2. Removed the builtin wifi (still using the case and antennas), was able to sub it out for the purchases linked above. Also updating the bios from 0430 helped. Glasgood! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  2. I uploaded it for you. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FnpkNLnI6WnBMX42FzdWn9bCl1YQhok1/view?usp=sharing
  3. Thanks for looking into the ACPI errors. I also will experiment with removing my 1070 ti, and booting with -nv_disable=1. As for the wifi card, it's possible it's a faulty one unless you know anything about this. Booting stops here if the wifi card is fixed to mobo. So when you go to system prefs > network > + , you can see wifi? I cannot.
  4. Same mobo as you. I've updated to 0430 as directed and checked the settings. I'm at the same spot as @bifterx. he Post-EFI has been copied over to the SSD. I also got the prohibited screen during boot in verbose mode even after waiting. I'll wait longer and see. Screenshot right before the prohibited boot fail. I saw you screenshot of the wifi card. I only have 2 cables where you have 3. Is this normal?
  5. Thanks for the guide! I've followed it and it's got me up and running using the same part specs. Using this PCIe and adaptor. Research says Broadcom chip (4331) is supported. WiFi is not working. - used your EFI-NVIDEA & removed the on board wifi chip. - see info in the USB and PCI of System Report. But nothing in Network->WiFi. I cannot add a wifi interface in System Prefs->Network. Would post screenshots, but right now I'm wiping and reinstalling because of a new panic around the the AppleACPICPU... I've had lots of panics at the "IO80211controller" in the past when booting. In addition: - added RehabMan's FakePCIID + FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi kexts. (both with kext wizard and in the EFI/Clover ) - modified the config.plist following the guide-airport-pcie-half-mini-v2, with "the-darkvoid KextsToPatch" Any ideas?