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  1. A question for any disc building gurus... I've been building a 10.5 install disc and have extracted a .pkg (the main system file .pkg) using xar. I've made changes to several files, and rather than repack the Payload file (is that possible?) I built a new package which I later inserted back into the install disc .iso. The install disc does work properly and installs completely without errors but there appears as if there might be some permission problems after the install. I built the package (and .iso) while logged in as the root user and I've also been careful to change ownership of the individual files to root:wheel but after the installation, diskutil throws an error when trying to repair permissions. How can I can do a sucsessful rebuild of a .pkg that is essentially identical to the original (including the same permissions)?
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    Fake iPhone

    what a piece of {censored}.
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    Will a Mac Keyboard work for a PC OSx86?

    i have a standard white apple USB kbrd running on both OSX86 & XP. No configuration is needed for osx or XP but you can use a driver for XP called AppleK (which works well). I'm also using the standard Apple white one button mouse (USB) on both OSes with no problems.
  4. has anyone had success using the original G5 fans?
  5. this is my first post (i've been reading quietly in the background for weeks, i was hoping to contribute first -but maybe later).. anyway, greets to everyone and... i must re-iterate the obvious, GLAD YOUR BACK! btw, thx to all concerned for their efforts on 'porting this over' to x86