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    [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE US WITH THE TUTORIAL. I am going to buy surface pro 3 and sometimes use it as a Mac. Does touchscreen and graphics work normally? And wifi?
  2. Hello, I have a strange problem - everything worked well till yesterday. On my stationary Hackintosh that worked very well for 2 years on SnowLeopard 10.6.3. (EP35-DS4, never mind) - some problems occur while starting. When login screen appears everything is frozen (even mouse) for 5 minutes and unfreezes after 5 minutes, after this time it is possible to login and system works normally. What can it be I have checked permissions, HDDs, everything is OK, it seems as the software problem. What I did last time I only unblocked something in PeerGuardian (some Apple servers probably) but for me it doesn't make sense. Thanks here some LOGS when I restart the Hackintoshj http://pastebin.ca/2118539
  3. mcmaklin

    Good i7 Notebook for Hackintoshing

    Please help here. I want to buy TOSHIBA Tecra S11-13X i7-620M . AFAIK graphics is NVIDIA Quadro NVS 2100M , which I hope is supported by CUDA driver official by Nvidia Unfortunatelly cannot find wifi data, camera and other things. Maybe you know something more about it? And if the laptopo is OK and works with MACOSX? Thank you! WHAT EXACTLY MODEL IS IT? ARE YOU SHURE IT IS i7? Please write full name of your laptop, thanks!
  4. What happened to irc #osx86? How can I login there? Please help? Thank you. I am registered user here, was trying to use my password. Thanks.
  5. I had a fully working Kalyway 10.5.5 on ep35-ds4 My distro was based on Kalyway and then upgraded several times up to 10.5.5. It is Vanilla Kernel. I have installed disabler.kext before upgrading. I was trying to upgrade using combo update 10.5.7 After trying to insall a combo update 10.5.7 I am stucked in: Firewire unable to determine security-mode after upgrading; defauling to full secure I can only login in single user mode which gives me the same message. PLEASE HELP it was fully working system! I was trying -v -f options it doesn't help I guess it is not problem of kexts because there is no kernel panic
  6. Can you write with more details how to create a Sandbox? I have for now working version of Kalyway and only one partion. What can I do now to move my data to another hdd and to leave boot only on the first now? Or what would you suggest? I've got 2 HDDs I use only one for Kalyway and the second one is empty.
  7. Hey I would like to buy similar configuration for my second computer (I have real MACBOOK Pro but for me sometimes it is too slow). Did you have any problems after installing Kalyway 10.5.3. out of the box? And one more thing - please tell me which version of Leopard should I have - is there a Kalyway 10.5.3 version - or the thing is to download 10.5.2 and then upgrade it? Also I woold like to use HDSP-9632 on PCI is it possible? Thanks
  8. mcmaklin

    An good audio interface for 100 - 200 USD

    Hi Penarol, please tell me I would like to buy a simillar configuration. Also have HDSP-9632 Did you have install many kexts because something didn't work out of the box? Please answer if you can
  9. mcmaklin

    The Hackintosh: Delivered

    I own one MacBookPro. I need another Mac but don't wan't to buy MacMini. I would like to spend near 1000$ and have QUAD computer. I will be building it from zero - so where I can find the best parts to build the MacCompatibile computer?