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  1. well. its always have been a bit of trouble to get a fine working install of osx in my computer since i changed my mobo a while ago. my specs are asrock 4coredual sata2 a maxtor idk 80 gigs hdd a segate 160 gigs lg dvd drive idk 2gigs of ram p4ht 3.0 800 cpu and a geforce 8400gs well the thing is i've had troubles getting a fine working install with kalyway so i droped it for a few months, almost a year actually, but now i want to get around it again so i downloaded ipc universal 10.5.6, i created a partition to install hoping to get it working in bout an hour but lucky me the disk is a dinamic volume so it wouldnt let me install it in there, so i created a partition on the main os drive i use for windows 7 and installed osx on it. tried to dual boot but it just keept me giving a "boot0:mbr, boot0:(cant remember what said here),boot1:error, tried any of the solutions i found online but couldnt even repair Win7 without having to erase osx partition first.. so what i did. i backed up all of my files and formated the whole hard drive. made 2 partitions again one for osx and one for seven. i went for the osx install first but just selected the voodoo kernel, the via rhine kext and nvinject 512 hoping i could get even 1 os to boot. lucky me again nothing happened, keept getting the same error so i decided to install seven. i created a boot option with easybcd2.0 but now. i get a chameleon bootloader i guess. it shows just 1 hard drive. but when i hit f8 shows the other partitions. i select the mac one and i just get an eternal-blinking underscore. tried booting with -v -s and -s but it just stops loading after two lines... i dont have much time to keep trying solutions by myself... what should i do... hope you can help me.. seriusly hahaha thanks. if any extra info is needed just ask EDIT: this is as far i can get http://img530.imageshack.us/i/img00100201010111106.jpg/
  2. Retail 10.6 for Asrock owners

    hey mine is a 4coredual sata2 2gb of ram pentium 4 3.0 (quite old i know haha) geforce 8400gs 512 pcie.. will this work for me?
  3. STILL no QE/CI with AGP 128MB GeForce FX 5200

    im having the same problem and already tried with that... im gonna try it again in case i did something wrong.. the thing is by default it says CI: Software
  4. ayuda

    Procesador pentium 4ht 3.0 800mhz tarjeta madre ashrock 4coredual sata 2 512mb ram nvidia geforce 5500fx 128mb el disco no se solo se que es maxtor y es de 80 gb hahahaha. espero que eso sea todo
  5. ayuda

    hola. bueno primero que nada soy nuevo en el foro y ciertamente no se si este tema pueda ir publicado en esta seccion. el caso es que. hace ya unos meses consegui una iso de kalyway 10.5.2 si mal no recuerdo. anteriormente habia probado el sistema en un disco de poco espacio que tenia guardado. pero ahora trate de instalarlo en una particion de un disco con dos particiones. una para windows XP y otra para OS X. el caso es que antes cuando instale en el otro disco unicamente OS X todo funcionaba de lujo. pero esta vez. carga la pantalla griz con la manzana y luego de unos diez o quince segundos mi pc se reinicia. quisiera saber si esto se debe a alguna mala instalacion del sistema o si debo hacer algo para que los dos sistemas puedan ser usados en el mismo disco duro.. gracias de antemano ..