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  1. Thanks for the unlocker, everything works well for me on workstation
  2. What's up, Is there a way to get built-in audio to work on motherboard DG965WH ? audio chip is SigmaTel STAC9271D... I tried STAC9271D_0x83847627_testing from Taruga but no luck, installed with kext helper and restarted, nothing! please help, this will suck if there is no fix because i got no other option.. many thanks in advance running on kalyway 1.5.2

    Bump, is there a solution for sound on DG965WH ? Can't get it to work, please help
  4. I can't catch the whole error message, it's really really fast.. it's weird though why it's not working, i'm sure the fix is easy but i'm missing it edit: the main point is that I can't erase the volume and set it to Mac OS X Extended (Journaled).. and it only mounts when its formatted to FAT please help
  5. What's up, After I get to the installation screen, I go to disk utility, Erase tab and choose Mac Extended ( Journaled ).. it erases it but it doesn't format it into Mac Extended (Journaled) and it gives a quick message down "Can't mount .... after space." and I could never mount the partition unless I erase it as FAT.. Any help is really appreciated , many thanks in advance