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  1. hello insaners i have installed the leo-hazard distro on my pc (specs see signature). it is the only one which worked for me (long and stupid story). i realized after the installation, that there are many .kext´s in the extension folder, which i dont need. it seems that no matter what i checked during installation, these kexts are always there. in the past i had a leopard (kalyway) hackintosh, but it seems that there are a lot changes in snow leopard. so i have a lot questions. i now have a fully working snow leopard, but like others, i want to be as close to vanilla as possible. main goal is a hassle free updating of software-update, where the important kexts are loaded via the bootloader. i have chameleon v2 RC4+Efi (dont know which version) 1.) where i can see if a 64-bit kernel is loaded and used ? 2.) can i update chameleon to the latest version, without destroying something ? 3.) how can i enable the right speedstep config for my CPU? 4.) or disable it at all ? having a m-audio firewire solo soundcard, which stutters while sound playing, caused by the current speedstep-settings i think. 5.) what is the best way for experiment with the kext´s. for example if something goes wrong, because of disableing the wrong stuff. i have only one disk for snow leopard and in case that something goes wrong, i can only boot into windows 7 and change stuff with macdrive on my snow-leopard hd. 6.) dont understand the DSDT stuff, any help here would be great (on this one, i need a noob tutorial, it is far too complex of what i read here, mainly because i have a different mainboard. 7.) is it true that the IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext disable 64-bit operations on the drives? the only 3 kexts which i really needed to get snow leopard fully working: VoodooHDA.kext.2.7.2-10.6 for built-in audio Marvell Yukon 88E8056 Pre Fixed for ethernet/internet AppleVIAATA6111_6145.kext for IDE-DvD drive and e-sata ports if any other info is important, i will try to post it. please help a old leo veteran, with the right settings, as i see here mostly only new boards and cpu related stuff. are any other people outside, with older hardware (no legacy). thank you all in advance
  2. Leopard on P5E-WS Pro

    Hello Miro, Sad but true, I have the same problems with shutdown AND wakeup. The wakeup issues are only, if the PC goes in sleep-modus. If you set your HDs to "always on", I can wakeup without any problems, otherwise I got a black screen and can never turn it on again, only hardreset will help. So sorry, got no clue how to get rid of this. Any help would be great. P5E WS Pro with OC Q9450@3,6Ghz and 4x2GB G.Skill RAM Asus NVIDIA 8800GTX 768MB RAM Geekbench (64-bit): 8323 Points
  3. Leopard on P5E-WS Pro

    Hello again, here are my experiences with the P5E WS Pro. Everything worked out of the box, except audio and I used a external usb-dvd-drive with the Kalyway 10.5.2 Intel_AMD Image. Then I used the Kalyway 10.5.3 Updatecombo and after this the Apple Softwareupdate to 10.5.4. Applying the applehda patcher with the ip35pro.codec.dump.txt and got 2.0 sound working. After the 10.5.4 update my Graphicscard was recognized correctly, with 768MB Ram, CI/QE enabled and such. What is not working: 1.) Marvell® 88SE6145 SATA controller. 2.) NEC Corp. uPD720400 PCI-X Controller. So sad, I want this thing working so badly, because I have a Highpoint RocketRaid 2224 Raid Controller which works in a "real mac" (or windows PC, works great under Vista) with PCI-X Slots. Any help, link or hint with this, would be much appreciated. Beside of this, everything is working fine My important Specs are: P5E WS Pro with Q9450@2,66Ghz and 4x2GB G.Skill RAM Asus NVIDIA 8800GTX 768MB RAM Greetz U-MAN
  4. Hello Insanepeople, I have recently build my own Hackintosh. I use a ASUS P5E WS Pro Board with a Highpoint Rocketraid 2224 PCI-X Controller. I installed the OS X drivers from Highpoint (http://www.hptmac.com/US/product.php?_index=22&viewtype=download) for my Raidcontroller, but unfortunately it didnt work. Because Leopard doesnt recognize my PCI-X Slots of my Mainboard. So I am stuck here. I have attached a snapshot of what DPCIManager is saying. So if anybody can help me a little , that would be very nice. If I try to reach my Raidcontroller via a webgui, then safari is giving me the message "Safari can’t open the page “https://localhost:7402/” because it can’t find the server “localhost”.". So I guess the driver isnt loaded at all. I attached the driver too. I know that this Raidcontroller works under OS X, because it was in my "real" G5 before. I know that there are no official Intel-Macs with PCI-X Slots, so maybe I must patch some kext wich normally goes to a PPC Architecture. So I will wait hopefully for any response. Plz help me, this would be so great, because I use FinalCut a lot and I want to be able to cut uncompressed HDTV, wich require a Datarate of 280mb/sec. Wich I cant achieve with the built in Sataports of the Mainboard. Greetz U-MAN PS: Beside of this, everything works fine under 10.5.4 (except 5.1 Sound) hptmv6.kext.zip
  5. Vista, XP e OSX - Multibooting

    Hello Insaners, I tried this, but I have the problem that I cant choose the drive where my Leopard is, from the popup menu in EasyBCD. I used the 10.5.2 kalyway image and made a GUID install on the drive. Although the Leo-drive has no Letter under Vista. What I am doing wrong here? I should mention that I dont know if I had made the hd active before the Leoinstall. Anyway, the only way to switch between the different OSes is to do it over the bios, wich is a ugly solution. Somebody can help? greetz u-man
  6. Leopard on P5E-WS Pro

    Hello Insaners, I have found this link: http://www.linux-tested.com/results/asus_p5e_ws_pro.html At the end of page they wrote: Notes and Observations: 1. When Mandrake 2007 is installed, only eth0 could be used 2. Before installing Fedora Core6 , the BIOS SATA Configure must be RAID 3. Audio driver was not detected, and audio is not supported. Mac OS X is somehow like Linux and maybe that is the problem with the sounddriver issues here. I ordered my P5E-WS Pro board today, because after 4years my G5 went in to the walhalla of computers. For a ressurection, APPLE wanted 850euros from me. So its still dead .... rofl From my experience I can tell you, my G5 2x2ghz had a Xbench score of 102. My Macbook 2x2ghz dualcore maked a score of 120 (if you dont compare the graphics results, just cpu). I am very excited to found this forum, because i wanted to use FCP Studio on a PC, but i think that this is still a dream. For me FCP Studio would be the only reason to buy a APPLE product again. That said, I will watch this thread carefully. Greetz u-man