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  1. hello insaners i have installed the leo-hazard distro on my pc (specs see signature). it is the only one which worked for me (long and stupid story). i realized after the installation, that there are many .kext´s in the extension folder, which i dont need. it seems that no matter what i checked during installation, these kexts are always there. in the past i had a leopard (kalyway) hackintosh, but it seems that there are a lot changes in snow leopard. so i have a lot questions. i now have a fully working snow leopard, but like others, i want to be as close to vanilla as possible. main goal is a hassle free updating of software-update, where the important kexts are loaded via the bootloader. i have chameleon v2 RC4+Efi (dont know which version) 1.) where i can see if a 64-bit kernel is loaded and used ? 2.) can i update chameleon to the latest version, without destroying something ? 3.) how can i enable the right speedstep config for my CPU? 4.) or disable it at all ? having a m-audio firewire solo soundcard, which stutters while sound playing, caused by the current speedstep-settings i think. 5.) what is the best way for experiment with the kext´s. for example if something goes wrong, because of disableing the wrong stuff. i have only one disk for snow leopard and in case that something goes wrong, i can only boot into windows 7 and change stuff with macdrive on my snow-leopard hd. 6.) dont understand the DSDT stuff, any help here would be great (on this one, i need a noob tutorial, it is far too complex of what i read here, mainly because i have a different mainboard. 7.) is it true that the IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext disable 64-bit operations on the drives? the only 3 kexts which i really needed to get snow leopard fully working: VoodooHDA.kext.2.7.2-10.6 for built-in audio Marvell Yukon 88E8056 Pre Fixed for ethernet/internet AppleVIAATA6111_6145.kext for IDE-DvD drive and e-sata ports if any other info is important, i will try to post it. please help a old leo veteran, with the right settings, as i see here mostly only new boards and cpu related stuff. are any other people outside, with older hardware (no legacy). thank you all in advance