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  1. lspci-3.0.1 for SL

    Thanks allot, really appreciated. Its also newer than what I used to have... U the man!
  2. lspci-3.0.1 for SL

    Necromancer Warning! I have suffered a terrible partition corruption & format. I lost 400GB of Mac related archives. Sadly Disk Utility decided to format my drive instead of removing a partition... This occurred while I was in process of performing backup. Can you please reup lspci 3.0.1 or higher please? All mirrors have been deleted... Many thanks in advance!
  3. Snow Leopard kernel testing on AMD

    Can you please repost this with a rar format including (1%) ecc/redundancy and a md5? I would greatly appreciate it. I am recovering from a HD loss and have C*mcast (sh*t) internet. So my downloads are really flaky especially during rain. I would be so greatful. This may also help with all the people saying this doesnt work, etc...
  4. Failed install, stuck at ACPIcontroller

    No matter the OS do not forget to install FakeSMC! IMO version 4.0 is best, but your milage will vary....
  5. Stuck at TUFS: starting version...

    I would download or burn Snow Leo 911 pro for a boot disc. Excellent disc, I imaged it to a partition to boot from in these cases. It should work even though you have a higher os X installed. This will give you a GUI to work with. This will allow you to run uninstaller? (I think at one point it was included in disk image where you installed from). There are lots of bits and pieces strewn about I think. I cannot recall the correct locations for terminal removal. *The very least remove the kext from Sys/Lib/Extensions and rebuild caches. Should be ok from that point. I been rockin a mac since 1992 (Mac OS 7.0.1)!
  6. Help first installation!

    I could be wrong but do not think there is a 64bit Intel graphics driver? I do know for ML there is a Hack/kext pack that works with NVIDIA on ML. It is currently required for my ASUS 550 non-Ti. I think I saw the pack listed in AMD working builds. The guide you used is for a 4xx card, there are some small differences, which may be causing you issues... I would put link but not on my normal OS right now... I am saving up for a EFI based motherboard and cannot wait!
  7. Great Post! I will have to give this a try when I have some spare time. I hated fixing my dsdt, this would have saved me some time. I currently use VoodooHDA it was the easiest and works great! https://github.com/AppleLife/VoodooHDA
  8. Help osx lion AMD

    Easily...? No. It can be done, but is time consuming. I can say that Lion and above is PIA. I would stick to 10.6.8 until someone comes up with a script or installer, etc. I am using a nf980a and I used this: http://www.insanelym...for-sl-3264bit/ I would reccomend runnign pfix after installing or use kext wizard to install it. I can use disk utility and Toast with my bluray reader and dvd writer (SATA only). IMO I hate the look of iOS and thats what Lion and espcially Mountain Lion look like.... damn iPhone ruined everything! If you want a challenge then lots of reading here: http://www.insanelym...md-lion-kernel/
  9. You confirmed what I was thinking. Guess I am stuck with Lion as Mountain Lion is completely useless without acceleration on Nvidia cards (Fermi). I can only hope someone will fix it. I must give nawcom props too...
  10. Thanks for your contribution! I booted with the kernel to a panic, then realized it is Lion Kernel (11.4.0). Could you please compile this new kernel for 10.8.2 (12.0?)? I do not know if it is even possible? I would greatly appreciate it. I know you have lots of better things to do... Thank You in advance... An even bigger wish is a back-port to snow leopard... lol
  11. For Nvidia Fermi (Maybe Kepler) disable GeforceGA.plugin and GLDriver.bundle in System/Library/Extensions. This will allow you to boot without -x (safe mode), however no acceleration. My 9500GT works just fine, the GTX560 is the b*tch. For anyone with bootdisk / Installer issues: I would try to just download a clean VMWare image. I downloaded 10.8.2 and mounted it to desktop. I then cloned that drive to my partition using disk utility. It makes it easier and faster. Then you can do some real troubleshooting. I am going to worry about a boot disk later. I have my snow leopard boot partitions. Here are the VMware mounting things. Put them in Library folder in the same labeled folders. If it does not work then google for VMWare image mounting os x. For_VMWare_Mounting.zip
  12. [AMD] Working Builds!

    CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition @ 3.2GHz Motherboard: Asus M4N82 Deluxe ChipSet: Nvidia 980a RAM: 4GB DDR2 1066Mhz SATA: 5 HDDs , Mixed 7TB IDE: None Connected USB 2.0: All ports work. USB 3.0: Not Supported by motherboard. (Plan on buying a card) Firewire: Disabled (But works enabled, used a Sony HandyCam to transfer a home movie) GPU: Zotac GeForce 9500GT (1GB) and Asus GTX 560 (1GB). Both work seperately not together. Nvidia drivers are buggy no acceleration! Investigating EFI Strings. LAN: Realtek 8211CL Gigabit Sound: Internal - Realtek ALC1200 PS2: KeyBoard. In case I have not been detailed enough about my board: http://www.asus.com/...#specifications Using Chameleon 2.2 r2155 For Fermi cards disable GeforceGA.plugin and GLDriver.bundle in System/Library/Extensions! This will disable acceleration, but you will boot without -x (safe mode). This is all on Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Will post kexts and/or howto later. I have been without internet for 3/4 days (DTing... lol)
  13. I went to kexts folder and removed everything beginning with AppleIntel, since we are AMD no big deal....? Worked for me and a side note the newest FakeSMC has a issue. (I use version 4.0). I also have not patched a dylib since Snow Leopard. Bitcore can you tell me what has changed in the kexts you posted or a link to that info. I am very curious as I use only the acpi one. Now if SomeOne could squash the nvidia driver bugs! I have figured it out thanks to "conti" as faer as boot without safemode with nvidia card on mountain lion. Will post in the Working Builds soon.
  14. I can get X.8.2 running with "Andy's" latest amd kernel. It boots just fine, now if someone could squash those damn Nvidia driver bugs! The best I can get is safe mode, which is a little useless. This is with a 9500GT and a GTX560, but not both at the same time... lol I will not be posting in the working builds until the nv issue is fixed since it is not a true working build. Been stressing a week over it! Thanks to "Conti" I have figured out how to boot mountain lion with a nvidia card. Still need acceleration though! I have noted that when opening Java 7 update11 it Kernel Panics!
  15. I did find an odd issue with a double .plist was that you or conti that posted it? There seems to ne some issues under ML when editing the plist file. It wants to duplicate it. Plist Edit Pro must have a bug cause I said cancel and it made 2 of them anyway... Related??? Can you give any tips on the GTX 550? I do have a 560 and ML completely has a fit with it. GE Yes=Drop back to console with rebooting and No=No video at all just a black screen. My 9500 however will work in safe mode. No go with the 560 in safe mode either. Tried with the x.8.2 drivers then tried Retail-304.00.05f02-macosx in the mix and it would never boot at all. Found out it was causig login window to {censored} out.