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  1. Compaq Mini CQ10T-100 10.5.7

    So I followed the tutorial here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=173184 I can boot into Mac OS X fine with cpus=1. Everything runs fine, I had to install the two ACIP or w/e it is but im having some problems. First off I'm sure I need to rm -r VoodooBattery.kext because it keeps showing a popup and disappearing when laptop is not plugged in. Also I have one of the famous BCM4312 wireless cards that I cannot seem to get to work. I've tried the bcm43xx_enabler, didnt work, tried the BCM43 driver from the iAtkos v7 disc, didn't work. I have no idea what to do. My ven and dev ids are 14E4-4312, which is in the .sh script for the bcm enabler. I have 4 partitions on this computer for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. I read a tutorial on how to rebrand the Broadcom wireless driver, but of course linux was giving me {censored} and I'm assuming its because i have Ubuntu 11.10 instead of 9.04 from the tutorial here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=121293 //////////////// EDIT : Graphics was fixed with intel enabler and natit and the 950gma driver from iAtkos S3 v2 ////////////////Then there's the graphics. I do not understand this Intel {censored} whatsoever. In windows, and on the hp site http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechS...nvOID=228#11395 it says that my graphics cards is a Intel 945 graphics card. I cannot find out how to get this working on my Mac installation. I didn't have any problems with booting up but my display is stuck at 800x600 and no other resolutions are listed. It's in Millions of colors. I did manage to get it to boot into safe mode with 1024x600 with the Display_iAtkos_v7 driver that the first link OP posted. When I wasn't in safe mode the only thing I could see was the cursor and a black and white scrambled screen. I'm completely lost as I am new to Mac. And if anyone knows what ethernet driver I need to install that would be great because I have no idea, the hp site says I have a Qualcomm but idk if thats the chipset on it or what. If anyone could provide me with any help it would be MUCH appreciated. I have OSX86Tools on the mini. I've also tried callisto intel drivers but with no luck. Thanks
  2. I have the nForce4 chipset and installed the kext for that and my SATA dvd+-rw dl drive is working but my IDE isn't. what could be the problem? what kext should i install? ive tried 2 different applenforce or w/e and the first one gave kernel panic so the next one worked with my sata just not ide. what do i need to do to enable ide drive to work? thank you
  3. My desktop hackintosh keyboard will not work when i first boot up mac osx leopard 10.5.2. i have to unplug it and plug it back in and it works but i dont want to have to do that everytime i restart my computer (ive been having to restart A LOT to get 260gtx working, which im gettin close). is there a new kext i can use? idek where to look, plz help. thank you.
  4. 3rd party utility to change resolution ?

    alrigghhttt thank you very much btw i just realized, i was looking at some other program that started with an S thanx very much
  5. 3rd party utility to change resolution ?

    yeah wtf i was looking at that menu thing or w/e that installs with it and it says it doesnt work with 10.5.2 BUT then i looked down by my desktop and switchres was open?? idk wuts goin on with that but can i use this program to change to resolutions that arent in the mac os x display settings? (that my card supports of course )
  6. NVKush Not Loading?

    I installed the insanelymac Nvidia installer to get the 10.5.2 kexts (no nvinject) and then i installed nvkush. i then went to teh nvkush website and made all the Info.plist's for Geforce.kext, NVDAResman.kext, NVDAV50Hal.kext (or w/e its name is), and NVKush.kext. My device id is 0421 (geforce 8500gt 512mb) and vendor is 10de. i put all this info in the website and got the plists (and i made the nvkush the 512 mb plist) and i repaired permissions and rebooted. now im sitting here on my desktop in 1024x768 resolution and no other resolutions available. someone plz help me out. ive reinstalled it twice (it takes too long to keep trying, with the plists and all). when i installed nvinject .21 with the insanelymac installer it worked fine and got 1280x1024 resolution but i couldnt get tv out to to work and when i change resolutions it would go to a blue screen.
  7. 3rd party utility to change resolution ?

    soo umm im sure leo4allv3 is leopard 10.5.2 and that program is ONLY for mac os x 10.4. i just installed it and it said it hasnt been tested on 10.5.2 therefore it wont be loaded. it says that in the application enhancer thing.
  8. Geforce 8800GT 512meg

    so deleting the other nvhals or w/e wont effect it? i have 8500gt, and i installed the 10.5.2 kexts and nvkush and its like its not loading the kexts because im booted up with default res and everything (like i didnt install them). when i reboot i should use the -f flag? or boot with -s and then type /movevideodrivers and answer no to everyting?
  9. "Graphics Mode" kernel flags, VESA3

    just try "graphicsmode"="1280x800" without the x32 i did that on mine and it worked
  10. 3rd party utility to change resolution ?

    so im n00b to mac but learning mucho, how do i get the kexts to load properly? i have the same problem as topic starter. btwww use the arrow keys to keep scrolling through the resolutions if u get the blue screen, after a while it will finally get one that works. im at the best res. right now cuz i did that.
  11. NVKush solved CI/QE down after 10.5.3

    there ya go NVkushInstaller.pkg.zip
  12. Monitor resolution and refresh rate help!

    did you still have the problems with changing the resolution? (the blue screen with nothing on it) ?
  13. Nvidia 8500GT 512mb TV-Out

    I have the .21 nvidia injects and driver and when i click detect displays my tv flickers and they both stay black. when i have the tv hooked up when i boot up the main display just stays black (and my light for comp activity stays flickering, idk if that meens anything). how can i make my tv-out work? plz someone help me, im dual booting with vista x64 and my vista wont work with my tv tuner but mac will with eyetv so i want to watch cable tv on my big screen tv that i got from italy so it doesnt have the cable input. also when i change resolutions it doesnt work half the time, i have to use the arrow keys constantly to get it to work (by constantly changing the resolution). im on 1280x1024 refresh rate 60. is there some way i can manually do this? thank you
  14. Anybody have 100% workig nVidia TV out?

    i am having the worrssstttt time with my graphics card. i have a nvidia geforce 8500 gt 512mb and i installed the 0.2.1 nvinject 512mb and the 10.5.2 kexts (im on 10.5.2 leopard) and before id start up with blue screen, now it constantly restarts after loading some files (idk which ones) now if i type "graphicsmode"="1280x1024" it works fine but i hate having to type that in. before all this {censored} i had it working PERFECT but i tried to get my tv-out working. i plugged it in and clicked Detect Displays. I saw the tv flicker and then my monitor went black. nothing would work. restarted and started doing all this {censored} i stated above. i restarted in safe mode and messed with a lot of {censored}, ive porbably installed every single nvidia graphics card installer on my machine. how can i get this tv out to work? thank you
  15. ATAPI SATA DVD Drive

    didnt work but my other dvdrw drive works now. last time i tried plugging it in it kernel panic but now its on the same ide as my extra hard drive and works perfect. thank you very much