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  1. Hi All, Installed Snow Leo on MacBook (Late 2006) 2.0GHz & have updated to build 10A394. I have found it has a sleep problem & saw another post where some one has the same issue. Looks like it has gone to sleep but the white light on the front does not pulse, when i try & wake it with the space bar.....no response at all, have to press power button & shut down manually & reboot. Anyone know how to fix this so instead of having to shut down or boot into windows partition all the time just so i can put the machine to sleep so i dont have to wait for the boot up when i get to work?? Any ideas would be great Cheers
  2. System specs:: AMD mainboard AMD dual core X2 64 @ 2GHz 3gb DDR 400 ATI X1600 Pro 512mb PCIe 40gb IDE HD // 160gb SATA Zephyroth hangs on white Apple screen with wheel, then some not allowed symbol appears (circle with line through) Tried booting speedstepkernel and modbinkernel , both hang on Apple screen Can anyone please help with this ??