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  1. Finally replaced the Dock... FULLY!

    I assure you, it still feels very much "Mac." It is just a bit more streamined to my tastes. Somewhere between OS 9's behavior with OS X look, stability, and software. Really a great combination.
  2. Finally replaced the Dock... FULLY!

    One fix, one tiny little option added on Apple's part and I would be fine with the Dock ... let me pin it down to the desktop. PLEASE! I should get the choice if I want it in my face all the time or every time I go to the edge of the screen. (I had it on auto hide since most of the time I was on my MacBook and wanted the screen space.) Just let my programs overlap the Dock space and not have it push everything out of the way and I am fine. Even the fact that the Finder, Trash, Spaces, and Expose are hard coded to appear in or as part of the Dock even if Finder isn't running would be acceptable. (Though I firmly believe that Finder, Dock, Spaces, and Expose should all be separate... but that is another small gripe all together.) ...yeah it may be a little crazy to go to this extent just to fix one aspect I have issues with, but what the heck.
  3. Thanks to WindowShadeX, FruitMenu, PathFinder, YouControl:Desktops, and MultiFinderX I am now able to banish the Dock! WindowShadeX was the last piece to make it possible! I can minimize windows to semitransparent live previews on the desktop. FruitMenu launches apps and provides information. PathFinder stomps all over Finder for file management and customization as well as providing a full desktop with a Trashcan. YCD replaces Spaces + Many more options and individual backgrounds. Finally MultiFinderX provides convenient application switching. This is just awesome! I know some people are not fans of the haxies, but I have had very little trouble with them. (Note: I also take the time to keep applications that I don't think benefit from it in the master exclude list hopefully minimizing dangers to system stability.) I've only come across one application that doesn't play nice with WindowShadeX and that is Wings3D which I am not all that hurt over. Maybe the Unsanity guys can fix it? Pics attached...
  4. Safari 4 Public Beta!

    As far as I can tell the reload icon within the address bar cannot be moved. The whole thing along with the add bookmark button. (Because everybody adds so many bookmarks that the button needs to be on screen all the time.)
  5. Safari 4 Public Beta!

    Gotta say I agree with everything you said. Moreover, I find the "top sites" completely useless as it was showing 3 sites I actually go to, the rest were just randomly chosen. And by random I mean not from any of my bookmarks at all and to sites where ad revenue would be useful for companies. (New York Times, Yahoo!, etc... places I never go.) I like the space saving on my MacBook of having a unified tab bar / window title bar but it just doesn't work. It is clumsy to change tabs, closing a tab doesn't switch back to the previous viewed tab when you followed a link, clicking a tab often leads to dragging the window by accident for a pixel, etc... all of which I sent to Apple in bug reports. Lastly, why was the reload / stop button integrated into the right side of the address bar away from the other navigation buttons? Why do these designers, at every company, seem to enjoy changing simple things for no apparent reason instead of working on really useful features?
  6. I did something similar when I moved from my Amiga to a PC way back when. My SCSI zip though had the click'o death and all my stuff was trapped for a long time. Eventually ATA Zip 100 drives were so cheap I just picked one up rather than trying to use SCSI again. (Still have some SCSI Amiga drives that have data on them I need to get off one day.) I just checked ebay and there is one for ~$10 including shipping. If you can find a pci SCSI card with a 25pin external connector I don't see why it won't work as long as the card is supported. Good luck!
  7. unpacking with multiple zips

    I use "The Unarchiver" (search MacUpdate) since it handles just about everything I could even think of. I know it handles multipart .rar files, so it might be worth trying with your zips.
  8. multiXFinder

    Already grabbed it and I'm running on my MacBook! Good stuff. I registered ASM way way back when and really liked it, I always wished it could replace the Dock. (I can't stand how the dock provides so much useful functionality like Spaces, Expose, backgrounds, window minimize, etc but completely pushes windows out of its way and wasts space or is cumbersome because of the auto hide it should all be separate so we can pick and choose.) If you could make multiXFinder hook the messages that are supposed to go to the Dock and handle window minimizations, and a few other things I'd gladly pay for it because I know Apple is never going to fix everything that is stupid, wrong, and limiting with the dock.
  9. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    Thanks for all the hard work getting this out! Nice smooth install and documentation! Unfortunately for me both RC1 and 1.0 cause the Finder to crash repeatedly (Bus Error in the console) and Beta2 has been running so smooth that I just went back to it until I can look into the issue more. (I tried legacy mode like the documentation said - no joy. I am already running MAXMEM = 3072 solve some other KPs I was getting. I think I need to look into an updated JMICRON kext....) Even though its not working perfect for me it is still a great job!
  10. P5W-DH deluxe or P5K-VM ?

    I am also running on the P5K-VM with Leo4All v2 recently upgraded to 10.5.4. Really smooth install when I set it up in May. Issues: 1. I can't let the system sleep or I get a CMOS settings error the next time I fully power down and reboot. All the BIOS settings will be cleared and I have to redo them. (I am on BIOS ver. 0803) I know it will happen because the HD activity light on my case will flash rapidly and it won't fully power down. 2. 50% of the time the system fans and/or the power light will stay running after shutting down forcing me to hold the power button for 4 secs to finish. (No big deal for me and I haven't had any issues caused by it.) Everything else is great and stupid fast compared to my MacBook.
  11. 10.5.3 Update Guide

    First I'd like to say thanks to netkas, iSkylla, LioNEXT, and everybody else helping people (like me) to get this update installed. I tried yesterday and messed up my system, staying stuck at the waiting for root device. So I restored my complete backup with SuperDuper! from my firewire drive and waited to try again until today. Being more patient this time (and having made a new IDE drive with a clean Leo4all v2 install yesterday to boot from in a pinch) I was able to get everything working again. Selectively going through and copying from my fresh backup all of the SMBIOS, ATA, Firewire, and ACPI kexts seemed to do the trick to get me back into my system without QE/OpenGL or Audio. Then I copied over all of the Nvidia kexts from my backup and rebooted again and everything is fine. Glad this forum is here! You are all a big help! Thanks! DownshiftDX
  12. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Hello all, I built my system two weeks ago and I have been trying to get my system to shutdown properly. Like everyone I am running on a P5K-VM. All of my hardware works and runs stable except for shutting down. (Shutdown either causes a kernel panic or turns off video and lights but leaves fans running) Reset and sleep work great and did right away! So I am a bit puzzled now... Specs: Leo4All v2 P5K-VM BIOS rev 0803 Intel Core2Duo E6850 @ 3.0ghz 4gb DDR2 1066 ram (running at 800 right now since the board is refusing to run it at 1066 atm) 500gb Maxtor SATA Gigabyte 8600GT w/ 512megs GDDR2 Optiarc DVDRW AD-7190A on IDE Realtek 8187 USB wifi Like I said everything is working great except shutdown. I have tried the shutdown fixer (no work) and I have tried manually turning off the second CPU with the CHUD prefpane. Also tried vanilla kernel 9.2.0 (currently running vanilla 9.2.2) but I have NOT tried the AMD patched on on Leo4All v2 for fear of compatibility issues. I have also made sure I am on the latest Realtek wifi driver and Taruga's latest 883 audio driver / patch. I disabled the parallel and serial port in the BIOS settings but everything else appeared to default to the right settings before I ever installed. This was the second install I did from the disc since the first one I selected the wrong audio drivers. I did a account migration from my firewire back up of my MacBook to get everything over. This shouldn't have replaced any kexts right? I am stuck and out of ideas to make it work 100% like so many are reporting on here. Anybody know of something else to try? Thanks! ** EDIT *** The one thing I forgot to try turned out to be it; Removing the Realtek Wifi USB before shutting down let it shut down perfectly. Now I need to see if I can just unload the kext or find a way to force the system to not see it there before shutting down to keep me from having to pull it each time. Also need to see if the dongle does the same thing on my MacBook. If it does I will write up a bug to Realtek about the driver. ** EDIT 2 *** Okay it is NOT the Realtek Wifi - seems like it was just a coincidence that it was deciding to shut down normally. I have followed this thread and tried everything I can to get my system to consistently shut down. 50% of the time it does. The other half it sits with the fans running but otherwise off. One other problem: If I leave the system in sleep for a period of time over a couple hours when I try to shut down or restart the hhd indicator light flashes repeatedly until I manually power off. Once I restart the CMOS gets a checksum error and everything needs to be reset. Anybody else seeing this? It is really frustrating to have a board that is so well supported yet I am having strange issues. What BIOS rev are others running? I am on 0803.