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  1. WoJ

    Kalywat 10.5.2 install error

    I'd suggest trying iATKOS if you havnt already - sure its another download, but you could just be unlucky with the releases you've tried so far. Are you on an intel CPU or AMD? Make sure you get a release that works for you CPU. Did you try to get a version of 10.4.x running on your PC at all? I know Leo is more up-to-date, but a tiger release could be worth trying - of course thats more downloading but if your on broadband and have a DVD-RW it shouldnt take too long. Hmm...dont realy know what else to try... do you have a USB DVD drive you could try/borrow off someone? some other boot commands to try: cpus=1 "Graphics Mode"="800x600" WoJ
  2. WoJ

    Kalywat 10.5.2 install error

    I got a similar kernal panic when trying to install kalyway 10.5.2 on my laptop (Acer Aspire 3610, Intel celeron M). I never managed to fix it. Try booting with: -x (safe mode) or -x -v What are your computer specs? Whats you CPU etc? I downloaded iATKOS and used that and it installed fine - problem was there are no drivers for my graphics card on Leo, so i went back to a Uphuck Tiger release.
  3. WoJ

    Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    What's the most basic version of Pro Tools? Im thinking of buying a cheap m-audio box just for it, is LE the lowest? Does it require a dongle? cheers, Woj
  4. WoJ

    USB Midi Controllers

    My Oxygen8 v2 works like a charm Pretty basic controller, few rotary knobs, transport buttons (can be set to any CC value), pitch bend, mod. Didnt have to install any drivers on my Kalyway 10.5.2 hackintosh. I'll try my m-audio uno interface in a sec...as soon as i can remember where i've put it... :s
  5. WoJ

    External Monitor GMA900

    yay, pin works like a charm. bit annoyin if i want to use external monitor at any point though...might have to make a little diy cap that i can remove at will also, my god is it fiddly to bend a paper clip!! Cheers, Woj
  6. WoJ

    USB network?

    You need more info before trying to troubleshoot. Took a lot of trial and error/messin around to get my belkin adaptor workin, and i bought it just for osx86, heh. Anyway, Find out what version it is - from a quick bit of googling take a look at http://www.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/index.php/t18035.html http://macosx.com/forums/networking-compat...r-10-4-6-a.html also go the apple menu -> about this mac -> more info -> click on USB on the left hand side -> look in the right hand panel for your Wireless USB device -> click it and look at the info thats there, it'll probably give you a version number and chipset code. This is just to make sure you get the right driver - probably RT2000, or RT2500. There will be solutions on this forum or with a bit of googling, but you just have to dig-deep and find it all. I'm new at all this anyway, so fingers crossed someone else with the same device/chipset can help - i'd edit your post title to include the model/chipset too. Woj
  7. WoJ

    RTL 8187 Wireless help please

    edit2: FIXED Bit more searching and i found i had to add the vendor/product id to the kext. Works fine now! yay! So, cant get my belkin USB wifi to work. Chipset is RTL8187B. Tried the following drivers, 87_Mac10.4_v1309, 87B_Mac10.4_v1117, RRTL8187B_MacOS10.4_1088. Non of which work Specs: Aspire 3610 Laptop Intel Celeron M - SSE2 Only Intel GMA900 - working fine Sound - dunno wat it is, working fine though USB Ports - all working No SATA - All IDE as its a fairly old laptop There dosnt seem to be a problem installing the drivers. All of the driver packages i've tried install with no errors, problem is none of them seem to want to fire-up either the USB stick or the 'Realtek WLAN' app, so there isnt a new device in Network preferences or anything. Even after multiple install/reinstalls of the driver, the app still hangs and i have to force quit. The usb device still shows up in System Profiler though, so i guess its 'there'. Tried iATKOS r3 and Uphuck 10.4.9i and no luck with either. Downloading Jas 10.4 at the mo to see if that will help. Any ideas? Cheers, Woj
  8. WoJ

    wow downloader crashes my hackintosh

    Hi, Dont realy have any idea's why it isnt working, but im using kalyway 10.5.2, nvidia 7600gt with nvinject and the downloader works fine for me :shrug: yea try downloading off a usual torrent site or failing that rapidshare/similar etc WoJ
  9. WoJ

    External Monitor GMA900

    Hi, I just installed 10.4.9 on my Aspire 3610 last night. Took ages to find what was wrong, at install it would just 'hang' at a blue screen....untill i found i had to plug in external monitor. Man wat a waste of 3 hours trying different boot commands Anywho, what works for me is to set screen option in bios to 'Both' not auto. Then plug in your external and load up os x. Then go to System Preferences -> Display -> Arrangement -> then check 'Mirror Displays' Set up the resolution + screen depth as you want it and thats it sorted. Now i can boot up with no external monitor plugged in, and i dont have to do any pin tricks either. WoJ EDIT: ah {censored}, no that dosnt work....i coulda sworn it was working before :S awww