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  1. After reading every post in this thread, (been away for a while) I can see both sides of the argument. The one thing that really bugs me, sort of, is that it's o.k. to install Windows on a Mac (has been for years) but not to install Apple's OS's on a P.C. Seems hypocritical to me. If I use the popular "car" comparison, that would be like saying to a neighbor, "I can use your Ford any time I need to, but you can't use my Mercedes at all." If I remember correctly, the big hubbub way back was that there weren't many good (fun) apps or programs made for the Mac, as Billy had/has the dominant OS, so someone found/developed a way to get Windows to work on a Mac. Due to popular demand, Apple (and their fans) promoted that ability from Win '98 (maybe even further back, I recall a Mac friend having win'95B on his PPC. I had suggested that I would like to see a machine that could run ANY OS and he said "Apple can do that, with an emulator.") I have no problem with Apple wanting to keep it's hardware and software tied together, but does that make it a computer, or a console? Don't get me wrong, I've had a few Macs, from and old Plus, to a PPC and I do like the systems ease of use. If I could afford even a reasonably good used one, I wouldn't hesitate to get it. That is the kicker here. It's all about price vs value. If Apple could/would allow it, legally, using their OS's on a "properly equipped" PC would be fine with me. I do agree with some who said the EULA states "Apple Labeled" means you can make/acquire and slap a sticker on the box. This is the grey area. Who puts the label on, Apple or the user? Good point, there. As far as Steve and Co. bugging the OSx86 community, it seems to me, they may want to leave it alone and see how far it can be taken. In the meantime they can break the installs with updates, and see what happens next. They know we are here. It may even be a possibility, they want to see what will work natively, before deciding on what specs to allow their OS to be used on, without severe mods. The big problem I see with the Psystar suit is, there are no winners only losers. Just my Loonies worth. (Yes, I Am Canadian)
  2. Do my eyes decieve me?

    I agree there. Having used X for a while now, I like it. As soon as I win the Lotto, I'm buying a "real" one. I saw an Apple HDD at Value Village here, and I almost bought it. Not sure of the size, or even if it would work, but if I stuff it in the case, would that be considered "Apple labeled"?
  3. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    HD 2600 Pro working now with CI showing hardware acceleration, and QE supported on both monitors. Kalyway 10.5.2 install. Big thanks to lastExile.
  4. Final Cut Pro - Easter Egg

    Looks like a variation of the "2 word story", maybe a one line per post, type of thing? Totally random.
  5. Well, this could be a long story, or not. Back about 1979, I was living in Chilliwack B.C. Canada, with 3 girls. (I'm a hetro guy.)We all had personalities similar to the "characters" of the original members of KISS. One girl was "The Love Child", one was "The Demon" the other was "The Cat". As I was then, and still am, into Sci Fi, and fantasy stories, they said I was "spaced out" so I got "The Ace" I added the Y just for fun. Fast forward to 2003, a few thousand km east, to Kitchener ON, and Need For Speed. I needed an online name, so I tried to think of all the nick names, good or bad, I've been blessed/cursed with. I remembered the good times in B.C. so I chose Ayce. I needed 8 letters for my Porsche Unleashed persona, so I added my birth year on the end. Later I joined the [sS] (Super Stockers) clan, and changed it to suit. After the demise of the game (not really dead, some are still playing thru the IP Lounge) the team sort of split up when they migrated to other racing games, and lost the original spirit of the team. After I left, I was just Ayce, but on some forums, if it's a board I used to be on, then had to reregister, I add 1955 again. Whew, told ya it could be a long story.
  6. I May Have To Give Up

    Yeah, I agree, don't give up. When I first heard of this project, I said it couldn't work. Silly me. I got the leo4all distro, and burned it to dvd, looked at the result in Xp, and it showed I had ony 47something kb on the disk. Dang, that can't be right, I messed up somwhere. Redo, same result. Huh? Oh well wth, I'll try it. Go into bios, set to boot from cdrom, wait for crash. What? no crash? Hey! I've got OSX installing! Get kext files for video card @ sound, buy new USB keyboard, ('cause mac doesn't like PS2, ), Load up OSX again, and it recognizes my new kbd, Try a few things, and load up Unity Game Engine Trial. After a few mins, it starts bogging down. uh oh, I'm in trouble. Download Google Earth, and it bogs down right from the get go. Dang. I had already downloaded Kalyway 10.5.2, so I burned the iso to DVD, and installed that one, after reformatting the Leo drive. Installed without a hitch, I just picked the "driver" files I needed. Luckily, they were all there. Reinstall Unity, and now it runs fine, more or less. At least I can learn how to use it. Funny thing though. I erased the OSX drive before format, and reinstall, and when I installed Unity, I still knew how many days I had to try it. Weird. Everthing else seems to be running fine, except in system profiler, it can't seem to read my memory. Oh well.
  7. Windows 7 Demo

    I love the line, where comparing Apple to Windows sales, "10 million people love Macs, 290 million love Windows" I would rephrase that to: "300 Million people love macs, but 290 million can only afford Windows."
  8. Thanks for that info, smirk. I'll check that out. the boot0.gpt file I got from wppley didn't work, (thanks anyway), still have to go to bios and switch manualy. Leopard shows up in the boot options, but won't do anything. I get a system error. Oh well. I did get the sound working btw. Only the front speakers work, but that's all I need atm anyway. P.S. When/if I find that guid file, should I just copy it whole to the i386 folder, or strip off the .guid? And when I copy it to my xp drive, should I do the same? Thx.
  9. Current OS Version - Leo4allv3 10.5.2 Desktop/Laptop -Desktop Prebuilt? - No Install Summary - Windows XP Pro SP2 On Primary IDE Leopard 10.5.2 on Secondary IDE EFI Working, I think See Sig. for specs LAN - Worked OOTB Video - Working - with triakas HD2600 kext Audio - Working - 2 speakers only with ALC883 Patch, System Preferences show Line in and Mic working, not tested. Had to buy USB Keyboard, as the PS2 was only randomly working. No other serious problems, atm.
  10. 10.5.2 AppleHDA for ALC880 / ICH7 working...

    Well, I just found out I have an ALC883 coddec sound system. I'll have to find the kext files for that one. Must be why the 880's didn't work.
  11. I got it! I just tried the 2600 installer, clicked the triakis.pkg, and reboot. Have both monitors running fine, but needed a tweak as they were set up backwards. At first I thought I was screwed, as it seemed to get stuck at the end of the text before booting, but as soon as I turned on the second monitor, everything lit up. Reset montior positions so my main is on the left. I only have 3 resolutions, but that's fine, 'cause I use 1024x768 anyway. Now, if I can just get the sound working.
  12. Physical Switch

    In theory, something like an old style A/B data switch could do it. In practice, it could be a different story. You would have to get 3 sata connectors, and modify the switch connections, if there are enough connection points on the switch. You would connect the center points to the mobo, and the A & B points to each drive, and power down between switch overs. You would need high quality parts and solder joints to prevent data loss. Something like this: ___________Switch_______ | A in out B in | | | | | | | | | Vista Mobo OSX I take it you can't or don't want to dual boot, and your mobo does not support startup drive switching. Or is this one of those "I wonder if...." moments. Whoops drawing didn't come out like I thought it would. Hope you get the gist.
  13. 10.5.2 AppleHDA for ALC880 / ICH7 working...

    I can't even get them to install. I tried to copy them to extensions, and I got an overwrite notice. I clicked ok, to overwrite, but now I get another error on reboot that they were not installed properly. Kexthelper didn't even come up. What now. Should I trash both files and try again? I had tried the ac 97 kexts, they installed o.k. but didn't work.
  14. Not ready to quit yet, lol. Just got the video working right, now to get the sound working and I'll be happier than a pig in a poke. I'll try using the boot0.gpt file and see what happens. What can go wrong, eh? I tried both those ac97 kexts , but neither one works. All I can find about the sound is it's Realtek HD, no specific model #. I'll keep trying some others. I might get lucky. I have found that I can get the keyboard to work after reboot with -f, but still sporadic.
  15. No other folders in i386, and the only other folder in the standalone folder is ppc. The only files in the i386 folder are boot.efi and Firmware.scap I got Kalyway 10.5.2 last night, so I'm thinking I may reformat and give it a go. I wonder if I should try reformatting to MBR instead of guid?