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    Snow Leopard Wi-Fi Problems

    At least the Problem is found in the Apple Support Database. Some workarounds for some... http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?m...6
  2. kalumbox

    Snow Leopard Wi-Fi Problems

    Hello Vlad_M! Could you be so nice and describe a little more in detail what you did? I was so enthousiastic when I read your post but then I checked my DNS settings in Network preferences both in Leopard and SL and they are the same…Is there any place else like to check like in a hidden config file? Thanks
  3. kalumbox

    Snow Leopard Wi-Fi Problems

    My mistake, I typed the false build number, updated my latest post. I can assure it definitely was 10A432 since the new snow leopard install icon was there...
  4. kalumbox

    Snow Leopard Wi-Fi Problems

    Hello! I have the same problem here on my MacBookPro 15" Unibody 2009: although wifi connects and is being given an ip no Internet + kills my router. I can't even connect to the routers admin settings while I'm booted in SL. Actually I'm glad to see that this problem is not isolated, I was searching documentation about this issue for over 2 weeks with no success before I found your posts. Also I'm beginning to be very skeptical with this issue being fixed by Apple by the time Snow Leopard reaches the stores since the problem persists on build 10A432 which is said to be the GM (well I hope this is not the GM). Yet I just can't imagine thousands (millions?) of Apple machines not being able to connect wirelessly to the net for the launch of SL! But in the past there was always problems with first releases of OS X Have you guys tried to use kernel extensions from leopard? I know this is probably not a good idea since there is no k64 for airport on leopard...just wondering.
  5. Try with another GFX Card since the GTX 280 isn't supported by Mac OS X (also not listed in the wiki HCL). Maybe in the near future there will be some drivers.
  6. Hello everyone, just wanted to share something really rare here! Just bought an ASUS P6T Deluxe for my future core i7 hackintosh at this place: cyberport.de (I'm in germany) here's the link: ->here and unless they corrected the price on the link, it shows 56,90€ on my bill Of course it's a pricing error made by them since this mobo costs between 270 and 300+ euros everywhere else! But they are legally under the obligation of selling it at the price published. Note that I could have become very avid by buying like 10+ of them just to resell these for 200 or 250 euros, but instead I just wanted to share this with you guys so go for it while it lasts! I also provided a snapshot as an attachment in order for you to belive me since they may probably correct the error very soon. Unless I made a mistake please feel free to contact me (still can't belive this) and I'll keep you informed when I receive the mobo. UPDATE: okay so I received an email from Cyberport today, they made a price mistake, apologized. So I won't get one!