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  1. Hi! first of all, please let me explain the whole story for you to understand it. I first installed mac OS X natively on a pc for test. i used the "macosx_10.4.3_8f1111_for_dtk_userdvd.iso" and it worked great! I created a 15 GB for the installation. After install and configure Mac OS X, i used the Acronis True Image Boot loader CD in order to create an Image of the installation. Success in all steps till now. After that, i've formated the Hdd and installed XP SP 2 . Created a new partition of 15 GB and with Acronis tru image program RESTORED the partion i created in order to try a dual boot. After that i installed Powerqwest BootMagic and configures everythin correctly. This means that i have succefully make a dual boot. After that, and since everything worked fine with this method, i tryed to make the same thing in my Home PC. the problem is that, the DVD or the boot from the Mac OS X restored image by Acronis true image do not work. both methods frezzes on the screen with the apple. Being so, i tryed to know where the problem is. After some research i think the problem is on the graphica card. I put here the specs of both computers i use: Test computer: P4 2 GHZ 256 Mb RAM and a Geforce MX 440 graphic card. Home Computer: P4 1.5 GHZ 640 RIMM and a ATI 9600 Pro (128 Mb) I think the problem is because my pc has an ATI graphic card. Anyone has a solution? It's mostly appreciated. thank you in advance.
  2. I might be wrong but i think you have not read the post correctly. If the ISO was unpatched i could never install it. But the fact is that i could and it RUNS GREAT! the error in question happens sometimes but like i wrote it's Workable this way. So i think it can be actually a problem with the patch, but probably i must install a new patch. the question is.. how do i do it? I have already the site of the person "whose name can't be called" but since i don't know the version of the patch used in my Iso.....
  3. hi and thank you for you help. In fact i just downloaded the Iso file that is Patched already. After download complete i got 2 files. one is: macosx_10.4.3_8f1111_for_dtk_userdvd.iso and the other one is: macosx_10.4.3_8f1111_for_dtk_userdvd.patched.md5 So if i can tell you what patch was used in some way, plese let me know how do i do it. O therwise i can't tell you more than this...
  4. Hi all. i'm posting this issue but i have searched already for this in the forum but no answer or no problem similar to mine. I've intalled the "macosx_10.4.3_8f1111_for_dtk_userdvd.iso" with no problem at all. Everything is working fine and speed is great. 35 seconds to start the OS. I'm o a pentium 4 2 Ghz qith 256 Mb of ram. ALL APLICATIANS are workking well with no speed problem at all. Although, sometimes and it is not under padron. (randomly) i get the grey error/screen "You must restart your PC...." I can't figure what can be causing this, because everything is working fine since the beggining. If someone has any help/tip to give i'll appreciatte it a lot! Just to inform: Mac OS X 10.4.3 runs perfectly with no serious problems. It's workable the way it is. it's just if i try to "pull" a bit for the computer it may crash. sometimes it happens when openning a simple application or opening any other window with finder. Thank you very much for your time!