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  1. Dell Vostro 3300 series

    hey i just got a 3300 and tried a bunch of disks but none of them would even boot the disk, any ideas as to why? also were you ever able to figure out the problems mentioned above i know its 2 years since this post but its the most compatible one i could find
  2. live cd fails to load?

    alright thanks
  3. live cd fails to load?

    oh sorry dell vostro 3300 core i5 m450 3gb ram nvidia 310m is that enough or are there any specific specs that could cause that problem?
  4. Installing Snow Leopard

    his herp is derping around and as a result osx derp herp derp
  5. live cd fails to load?

    its not retail its been prepatched i am using the ipc version so in this video you can see that after he types in -v a bunch of text comes up on the screen as stuff loads it will say 'starting...' it is at that point that my computer just reboots do i have incompatible hardware?
  6. live cd fails to load?

    well this is pretty strange I have both 10.5 and 10.6 disks and neither will load the live cd basically i put the disk in the drive and hit yes boot from cd it will run through a bunch of code and restart this happens with both disks! this is the strangest thing i have ever seen, any ideas? -chaseincats
  7. as the title says im trying to install Jas's 10.5.4 image (the one on the homepage) and am getting kernel panic as it is hanging at "kernel version"... is their a fix for this?
  8. As the title says I am curious in what you guys think is the best or easiest way to dual boot both leopard and vista (with vista already installed). I have been off of this scene for a few years and recently came back to hear that EFI emulation has come into play (what does this do for us)? Lastly I was looking at the Jas 10.5.4 disk would this be the best way to install it and if so what would be a good guide for me to follow to get both OS's working? Thanks, Jason
  9. leopard hackintosh?

    has anyone tried or succeeded to install the leopard beta?
  10. error on boot due to macvidia

    after installing the macvidia lines (different lines that i got from np_'s friend) my osx86 wont boot, it hangs on sh-2.05b# prompt any ideas?
  11. New here can I run osx on my PC?

    yes, that is what osX86 stands for the processors PC's use are x86 based check your processor to make sure that it has sse2 or sse3 using a program called xcpu i think check the forums to see if thats it anyway you can get the image from the bay and have at it btw check your hardware compatibility
  12. could someone upload this to sendspace or megaupload or something my BT is blocked
  13. Good News: 10.4.6 Myzar V2

    will this work with a maxxus install?
  14. Good News: 10.4.6 Myzar V2

    will this work or screw up an osx86 box installed with the prepatched dvd everyone was going nuts for?
  15. Good News: 10.4.6 Myzar V2

    can somebody stick this up on sendspace because noone is seeding the torrent