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    APFS conversion affects multi-monitor setup?

    Thanks, @HBP! That and resetting the NVRAM did it. However, it looked like hardware acceleration had disappeared. Finally solved that issue with -disablegfxfirmware. After the flag, I also removed VegaFixup and Whatevergreen. This didn't not impact functionality in any way that I can see. Thanks again! Time to reinstall Mojave...
  2. I have 4 screens (A, B, C, D). A and B are Samsung, C and D and BenQ—not that that should matter. All are connected to AMD Vega FE. On 10.13.6, all 4 screens worked well. The system then booted from an internal SSD, HFS+. After installing Mojave, I could boot, but only got 2 screens. A and B would be on during boot sequence, then turn off and C and D would turn on for Login screen and after that. So all screens are recognized at some point, just not all together. Restored from 10.13.6 backup and I still get two 2 screens. Tried another backup drive and found that booting with HFS+, I get 4 screens, but booting with APFS, I only see 2. Then realized that Mojave converted my internal SSD to APFS. Nothing else appears to have changed. Same system (from backup), same Clover, same kexts. I have the latest Lilu, VegaFixup, APFS.efi, APFSDriverLoader, Whatevergreen. Tried VegaFixup and/or Whatevergreen. All boot, but 2 screens only. All points to the AFPS conversion affecting monitor drivers. Seems odd to me that switching from HFS+ to APFS would affect multi-monitor setups. Any ideas?
  3. I must be missing something... At first, I thought I had the issue in this thread but my problem seems to be different. What worked I have my main boot drive as an M.2 Samsung EVO 960 with 10.13.6. All good. On a (mechanical) Seagate HDD (Backup Plus SRD00F1) on USB 3.0, I have a bootable clone of the EVO. I can select the Seagate drive in the BIOS, I see in Clover, and I can boot from it just as I do with the EVO. The problem I got a Crucial MX300 SATA III SSD drive (CR1050MX300S) and cloned the EVO to it in the same way as I clone the HDD. The SSD was mounted in an inateck USB-C enclosure and it shows up in the Finder. Disk Utility shows it as an ASMT 2235 Media drive. All good. This drive does not show up in the BIOS. Tried both on-board USB-C and TB3 on Alpine Ridge card (Alpine Ridge works fine, but drive won't show). EDIT: SSD drive started showing when connected to Alpine Ridge via USB-C. Doesn't seem consistent. When it shows, the drive boots into MacOS (but still not if in the USB 3.0 enclosure), but not all screens activate. EFI on SSD is a clone of EFI on HDD. I tried to format the drive as APFS and MacOS Extended, but that didn't change anything. I updated the apfs.efi file in Clover and added the apfsdriver as well. No change. I then put the drive (MacOS Extended) in a USB 3.0 enclosure. It now shows up in BIOS, but about half-way through boot, the interdiction symbol appears (-v shows last output is Legacy Shim 2). Conclusion and Question My internal SSD works fine, my external HDD works fine, but I can't seem to get an external SSD to boot. Any ideas/suggestions as to where to look for a guide? Thanks.
  4. Took Whatevergreen away because things were very slow. Now only VegaGraphicsFixup and all is good. Thanks again!
  5. Thank you, @surfinchina. I installed the Vega fix and updated other kexts to the consolidated WhateverGreen. All screens now work!
  6. I'm having a weird set of issues since 10.13.5 -> 10.13.6 via app store. 1. The Install Mac OS temporary boot option didn't disappear after the install. About MacOS says 10.13.6 and if I try to boot via that Install option, it says content is not available to install. Booting via "regular" option is fine, but I cannot seem to get this "temporary" one to disappear (aside from adding it to hidden devices in clover boot loader). 2. I have 4 monitors on the Vega FE. All was fine until the update. Now, this happens: a. Right after BIOS, screen A turns on with AORUS logo. b. Screen B then takes over to show Clover and boot sequence. c. A and B then go dark and C and D turn on with Mac OS login screen. d. C and D appear in Displays, but I can't get A and B to show again. Connecting after boot doesn't show anything. Resetting NVRAM didn't do anything either. Anyone had this experience with the screens? Weird that all 4 work, but not at the same time and change occurred with 10.13.6.
  7. outdoormagic

    Success with 8700K, Aorus Gaming 7, Thunderbolt

    I have not tried booting directly, although I have heard that some MSI cards can do that. Just got into the habit of booting in Win10 first. I'll have to try a direct boot again, as I have made changes to my system. One issue I had is that I had to leave the bottom 1x slot empty, as it shares the bandwidth with SATA internal connectors (disables 0 or 1, don't remember exactly). The TB slot (bottom) also shares lanes with M.2 connector, so you cannot put anything in the bottom M.2 slot. I have moved to an OSX Wifi card, as I was having lag issues. Turned out that my Fenvi was indeed fine, but interference with BT came from USB drives. (if you search forums, you will find it). I moved the external drives and things are better. No issues with WiFi side on either card. I used Voodoo HDA. Some say it isn't required, but I don't see the ports without it. Note that I don't have a 5.1 system, so I haven't been able to check every connector, but most work and show up in the sound menu. My main audio, however, is a Behringer UDC404 USB interface. For future reference, you might want to consider blacking out your serial number. :) Could you give me a little more information? What is your build are what is "similar?" Which steps do you need more information on? I will say that I recently switched to a Vega card and that solved many of my boot issues.
  8. outdoormagic

    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    Hi everyone, Had a "Golden Hack" with 1080 + P400 until 10.3.3 became unusable , so I updated to 10.13.4 (17E199) and got a Vega FE . OOB, it shows up as Vega FE 16GB in About Mac and displays over all 4 ports, but Luxmark and Geekbench both report no compute device. I have tried various combinations of latest versions of lilu on/off, whatevergreen on/off, boot flags on/off. Also tried injecting ATI and/or intel on/off. Never seem to get acceleration. Can anyone point me to a start config for 8700K (config and kexts needed)? I'm clearly missing something stupidly obvious. Thanks!
  9. outdoormagic

    Handoff doesn't work

    Thanks. I thought I had tried that, but tried again. No go. What did finally work was not fixing the Hack, but fixing the MBP and iPhone. Updating the MBP to High Sierra solved everything. I now have Handoff, Continuity, and all that. Conclusion: OSes must be of the same "family" (High Sierra) to be sure. [I was fine with Sierra on MBP and High Sierra 13.3 on Hack, but 13.3 broke it].
  10. I don't know if this is a driver issue, but as everything worked before 13.3 and 156, I'm guessing the driver has a role in this. Nvidia 1080 + Quadro P400 Each have 2 monitors, all connected via display port: 1080 has one 4k Samsung and one ultra wide Samsung; the Quadro has a BenQ SW2700PT and a BenQ SW320. Since the updates, a number of things changed: 1. At boot, I often have to restart 1-2 times until I get past the spinning hang-up. 2. I just can't get my BenQ SW320 (4k) to show up. I can see it in Display Preferences, but the screen doesn't turn on. 3. When switching the SW320 to the 1080, things still either hand or register, but the screen doesn't turn on. 4. When using the HDMI port on the 1080 for the SW320, I can see all 4 screens. I also had to revert from SMBIOS 18,3 to 14,2 to get all 4 screens back. Anyone having similar issues? Btw, the reason I have the 1080 is for computation; the P400 is for 10-bit output to the true 10-bit BenQs.
  11. If you can't boot into Mac, you can do a temp fix in Clover:Options:System Parameters:System Integrity Protection The list is binary, with 1 at top. So, for 0x3, check the first two options (1+2). For 0x67 (103), check 1,2,3,6, and 7 (1+2+4+32+64=103). Hope this helps.
  12. outdoormagic

    Handoff doesn't work

    Similar issue here. Everything was working fine (using a Fenvi WiFi/BT card), then suddenly, some services stopped working. I can't figure out why; only recent change was the latest update to Safari and iTunes. Running 10.13.3 (17D47) and patched Nvidia 104. System Profiler still shows Handoff as Supported and lists the channels used, both in WiFi and Bluetooth. Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energy Supported: Yes Handoff Supported: Yes Instant Hot Spot Supported: Yes Manufacturer: Broadcom Transport: USB Chipset: 20702B0 Firmware Version: v143 c9282 Bluetooth Power: On Discoverable: Off Connectable: Yes Auto Seek Pointing: On Remote wake: On Vendor ID: 0x05AC Product ID: 0x828D HCI Version: 4.0 (0x6) HCI Revision: 0x2442 LMP Version: 4.0 (0x6) LMP Subversion: 0x418F Device Type (Major): Computer Device Type (Complete): Mac Desktop Composite Class Of Device: 0x380104 Device Class (Major): 0x01 Device Class (Minor): 0x01 Service Class: 0x1C0 Auto Seek Keyboard: On and Wi-Fi Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x14E4, 0x111) Firmware Version: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 ( Locale: FCC Country Code: US Supported PHY Modes: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Supported Channels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140, 144, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165 Wake On Wireless: Supported AirDrop: Supported AirDrop Channel: 149 Auto Unlock: Supported Status: Connected I tried: Logging out and back into iCloud Logging out and back into Messages Toggling the iPhone and MacBook Pro Using BTContinuity kext mentioned above Using BTIOFamily patch Deleting the BT plist stack Deleting messages related preferences and caches Running mald0n's Olarila.command Toggling BT and Wi-Fi on and off Reseting NVRAM Rebooting Now, Airdrop works. I see the hackintosh on the other devices and conversely. Bluetooth devices work (keyboard, mouse), and Wi-Fi works. I can access the App Store and make purchases. What doesn't work is Handoff, Continuity, and Messages. I have searched forums (which is where most of the steps and patches came from) and am running out of ideas. Do any of the wizards have some magic to share? Thanks
  13. outdoormagic

    Success with 8700K, Aorus Gaming 7, Thunderbolt

    Nope. Note that I use a Logitech Flow Keyboard and Mouse (via BT), so that might have something to do with it.
  14. outdoormagic

    Success with 8700K, Aorus Gaming 7, Thunderbolt

    Yes, I installed Voodoo HDA following Glasgood's guide (pinned in forums), rebooted, and the ports appeared. I have not physically hooked up that setup, so I cannot guarantee that 7.1 actually would output 7.1. All I can say is that I now see the ports. Thanks! I'll have to try. For now, I ran into issues when updating to 10.13.3 with NVIDIA 156. Had to revert to 13.3 and 104, but now I get occasional black screens on boot (in Muti-Screen mode) and yesterday, Airdrop, iMessages, and Handoff suddenly disappeared. I'll try WebGL after I figure out how to boot back into the hack and get Airdrop going Update: I tried the WebGL page. Maybe I have too many tabs open and maybe I don't have the right extensions. It plays for about 2 seconds and then displays "script error". Tried it in Safari.
  15. Same here, but system does eventually wake up. Takes up to 2... minutes! Whole system is very slow and laggy. Artifacts too. 17D47 and 156.