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  1. Im also looking for kext that gripsy posted because the rapidshare link doesnt work and i only need SPDIF output - BADLY! Cant listen to any music on my Z-5500...
  2. ALC882 Snow Leopard Drivers

    Im only one sound step away from using the retail version of MAC on my P5WDH Deluxe. But the sound may be the biggest problem, since im using SPDIF/out for my z-5500 sound system. Altough i tried VoodooHDA (latest version) it didn't work, but i had a little luck with matemago's kexts posted first. Im able to listen to the music, but sadly only for headphones, since it lacks support SPDIF/out. I'd like to try this tutorial (since someone told me that works for digital output): http://osx86.net/f57/guide-how-to-port-applehda-to-sl-t3981/ but it is for me a little out of my league. If im correct i need to have AppleHDA from older version of MAC like 10.5 and then change it so it works on newer MacOSX SL... Is there any way around this? Thanks
  3. Hello it's me again. I have setup the USB thumb drive MAC OS X Snow Leopard. It install and everything very easily. The only problem i can't resolve is that i can't boot into MAC OS X without booting from thumb drive. I tried installing chameleon and some other bootloader but with no luck. In chameleon i get to the boot menu ( i have Win7 also ) and select the MAC OS X to boot. It shows the apple's logo and loading animation. It stucks there. A bit long time ago i managed to do the Chameleon (older version i think) so it did boot, but without "kernels" - drivers, so that resolution was 640x480 or something like that and nothing has worked (no USB support, no keyboard, no mouse etc.) - even when i did put those same drivers from thumb drive into chameleons folder to load up. I'm thinking that booting up (not from thumb drive) has to be a little bit more complicated here, since it's retail snow leopard... Thank you for your help & time...
  4. hmm... is this problem really that hard?
  5. So i've installed windows 7 and then i've installed the MAC OS X through the USB installation disk. After that i had to create another chameleon boot loader (v 2.0 RC3) and then i repaired the windows 7 partition. After that i used Easy BCD to create a boot loader... Now after bootloading screen from EasyBCD shows and when i select mac it chooses chameleons bootloader and therefore it boots the mac OS X. Everything in booting is ok, but if i choose to boot from installed chameleon on mac os x partition sometimes the mouse/keyboard doesn't work and the whole resolution drops to 800x600 (instead of 1680x1050) without internet connection. The thing is that when i try to boot from usb (just to boot the mac os X partition from the chameleon on the USB it boots just fine). Now im wondering how can i "extract" those needy kernels (i think thats what's missing on "MyMAC" partition) to chameleon installed on it... Both version of chameleon (the one on MyMac partition and USB) are the same, but when i was creating USB version of chameleon and snow leopard retail install i've used this tutorial: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=185823 It's great & everything because mac updates without any probs... it's just i wish i could use snow leopard without having to boot from usb flash drive... :\
  6. Intel Speed Step on 10.6

    you see it in your bios if its enabled or disabled. It's a function that lets OS operate with your CPU speed, so enabling/disabling this function in my case doesn't make any drastic changes on my motherboard P5W DH Deluxe & CPU behaviour...
  7. djnitehawk... hehe ran into that problem you posted above, and ruined my boot file for Win (fixed that later)... My USB has only approx 8GB of space (bought it just for this reason to install the MAC OS X 10.6 ) - will get another HDD just to test it. Btw that .kext you added up there solved my mouse/keyboard problem (it wasn't bios settings fault). If i get another Hard Disk, do i need to install 10.5 onto that HDD, and do the whole process again to get that unique dsdt.am file, so that snow leopard will work? Also im wondering if i decide to go to Mac (since winVista dissapoints me almost every day) - are there big troubles with the updates? I know if i update kalyway i can't login into mac anymore (without workarounds) but here, using the original OS without modifications (just "addons" kindah) - there shouldn't be any probs? Sorry for little offtopic... Thanks for all the help
  8. wow very fast reply hehe... Ok i'll try and delete those kexts you said and install again in the meantime im adding you screenshoot from dcpi manager: http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/104/picture2ac.png Also to tell you i added the last two files because the mouse & keyboard didn't work ( i hoped later it will - it was customly added to the usb thumb)... the first two i don't know how they got in there ( i think those were there from the start ) - ill try to delete it and see what happens. My CPU is intel q6600 b3 revision (quad core) OC 3.0ghz (from 2.4ghz), the graphic card is 8800gts (640Mb - old version), wifi is the internal from the motherboard specifications of motherboard elements (what is inside) are here: http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/view....d=6&id=1958 + have 5 gigs of 800Mhz RAM - GEILL 2x2GB + 1GB... the bios version is the latest ( i think its 2091 or something ). About the HDD i have 7200rpm - 32MB cache, but i forgot it's name/version - where can i check it? Also to mention i'm having dual boot with windows vista - 1 HDD, 3 partitions - 2 are NTFS (C,D) and 1 is MAC OS HDD (journaled). Just need to get used to mac os x 10.6 and check if everything works fine before i format the whole HDD and move all files to MAC . ------- Edit: Tried w/o extra kernels, still the same problem persists... any ideas? fakesmc.kext & OpenhaltRestart.kext - these were inside the /extra/extensions folder in snow-installer before i run installnow script...
  9. Hi! I'm pretty new to MAC OS X and i'm trying to install the 10.6 snow leopard trough 10.5 (which is kalyways edition with kernels for my Motherboard asus p5w dh deluxe). I read your guide numerous of time, but i can't seem to find the .kext file which enables my wirelees/usb keyboard & mouse. Because of that i can't move mouse or use keyboard in setup when it loads the set up for MAC 10.6.0... Here is the link to the picture with .kexts i included into snow-installer and then use it (all kernels also appear on the usb thumb drive): http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/140/picture1ba.png Some of those kernels (that i forgot to pre-add into the snow-installer i added them manually to the USB snow-installer map and the Extra/Extension map (did i need to enter some command into the terminal after i moved them?) Sorrz for poor english, and big thanks for any help....