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  1. dude998866

    Nvidia 9300GE osx 10.8

    Well I'll be damned. The combination of PCIRootUID=1 and PCIRoot=1 did it. Graphics work perfectly. I tried with each one individually and it did't work. Tried them together and off it went. Thanks!
  2. dude998866

    Nvidia 9300GE osx 10.8

    foxconn board actually, I seem to remember trying the PCIRootUID=1 flag..didn't work.... I'll try PCIRoot=1 when I get home after work....
  3. dude998866

    Nvidia 9300GE osx 10.8

    Ok, so I'm not new to hackintoshing, I've built 4 or 5, but this one has got me a little stumped. I've installed 10.8, and everything works except for the graphics. After booting I get the "no signal" message on my monitor. I've had this before with other cards, those were solved with an EFI string in the boot.plist. Not so with this one. It will boot however if I use the flag nv_disable=1 Then its fine, minus acceleration. I've done much seaching, and after finding this thread, think I'm getting close http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/289000-nvidia-geforce-9300ge-solved/ However the modified kext file he linked to is gone So, does anyone know how he might have modified the NVN50Hal.kext? I assume he probably put in a device ID somwhere, but this is where my knowledge fails me as I've not had to do that before..... So, any ideas\help woyuld be greatly appreciated.
  4. dude998866

    Dell Optiplex 755 and Mountain Lion

    I'd also like to at this point apologize for my use of T*nyM*c's products. Untill I didi some more reading I didn't realize they were closed source and largely stolen from the OS xx86 community. In the future I will not use them...
  5. dude998866

    Dell Optiplex 755 and Mountain Lion

    Hello all, I followed the guides here and managed to install 10.8.2 on my Optiplex 755 (not my first hackintosh by any means, but my first time with mountain lion). TO get the installer to boot and function I had to remove my graphics card and use the integrated graphics. I purposely didn't install any graphic drivers when I ran ##### after the install as I knew I would be putting in my GT240. After the initial setup+update+##### Installed the GT240 and now I'd stuck with a problem I've not had before. Instead of loading the login screen my monitor simply goes to sleep. No signal output what so ever. I have dries the usual -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=0 etc and have not been able to get past this point. Any thoughts? Update: It boots with my quadro nvs 290 in it..... why wouldn't the GT240 work?
  6. dude998866

    Need some hardware info

    2.3ghz core 2 duo and quadro nvs 290 overclocked.
  7. I'm looking to upgrade my current (and very outdated) P4 rig which has been running snow leopard (with the odd kernel panic) for the last few years. I have the oppertunity to trade an old amplifier I have for a newer Dell. Specs are as follows: Dell Optiplex 755 Workstation Desktop Core 2 Duo, 1gb ram and a Nvidia Quadro workstation Graphics card Includes a 80gb hard drive I'm wondering if I'll be able to run mountain lion and if it will allow for a vanilla install. Thanks for the help
  8. Hey all, I have a bit of a filesystem delemma. I currently run a FreeNAS server box that houses 3 hard drives in it. 1. NTFS drive housing personal files 2. UFS drive housing Movies 3UFS drive housing TV shows. My issue is that I'd like to move to a different server os (Hopefully going to be Leopard server) however it seems that nothing reads UFS except freenas. I was hoping that there might be a method of converting the Movie and TV drives to a more widely supported file system without having to copy all of the data off of them as I currently don't have a drive large enough to do this. Any and all help is appreciated.
  9. dude998866

    IR Serial Reciever

    I have a serial port based IR receiver that I made and have been using with a linux based media PC. I however would like to use one of my Hackintosh boxes instead. Is there any software that will let me use a serial IR receiver with os X? I used LIRC on linux but it would seem that there isn't much support for it under OS X.
  10. dude998866

    GT240 in 10.5 Leopard

    Ok, been banging my head against the wall all day on this one. Can a GT240 be installed under leopard. I know it can be done under snow, but would much prefer to stick to leopard for now.
  11. dude998866

    Nvidia GT520

    ok, thanks. Just ordered a GT240.
  12. dude998866

    Nvidia GT520

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a cheap card and I need to know if the GT520 will work with leopard (at least until I get rid of my appletalk printers) and possibly with snow. I've done some searching on this forum and google and wasn't able to find any definite answers. -thanks
  13. dude998866

    Nvidia 7000M 64mb

  14. dude998866

    Nvidia 7000M 64mb

  15. dude998866

    Nvidia 7000M 64mb

    I have a laptop with a Nvidia 7000M with 64mb of dedicated VRAM. What driver should I use to get QE\CI to work. I have it displaying right now with no video drivers installed. It won't load with Natit, Nvinject, or NvinjectGo. How can I make this work.