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    OpenCore Discussion

    Hello everyone! When I use VoodooI2C.kext on OC, all functions are normal, but I can't restart or shut down normally (the desktop freezes when I restart or shut down, the system does not respond). What is the problem with this? VoodooI2C.kext can be shut down or restarted normally in Clover. Please give pointers one or two, thank you!
  2. ic005k

    OpenCore Discussion

    Thanks Reply. Because my notebook must rely on the FixOwnership option in Clover to boot normally, otherwise a freeze screen will appear during the boot process. My computer is a notebook. There is no such xHCI Handoff option in the BIOS. This is a common option on desktop computers, but laptops generally do not. Perhaps there are some problems with the ReleaseUsbOwnership option in OC. Isn't it exactly equivalent to FixOwnership in Clover?
  3. ic005k

    OpenCore Discussion

    Questions about ReleaseUsbOwnership? My Dell laptop (7472) must be selected by FixOwnership in Clover to boot normally, otherwise it will freeze at a certain kext during startup. Selecting ReleaseUsbOwnership in the OC does not solve the problem of screen freeze during the boot process. Or how can I replace the FixOwnership option in Clover? This problem has been bothering me for a long time! thank!
  4. Try this configuration file. config.plist.zip
  5. My AR9565 will also encounter the same problem, that is, when connecting to some routers, the Tx rate is only 11Mbps. But some routers are normal again, with a Tx rate of 72Mbps. There may be some problems with the NIC driver.
  6. Upgrade osx to 10.14, all three files are placed in Clover.
  7. Is the network card hardware broken? Try to see if this NIC is working properly under Windows or Linux.
  8. It seems that ATH9KFixup.kext is not loaded properly. Please check if ATH9KFixup.kext is loaded normally?
  9. User -ath9485 boot arg for AR9485 and -ath9565 for AR9565 (If you don't use any boot args it will do the patching for AR946X by default) Please include the boot tag in Clover's configuration file: -ath9565
  10. For DW1707 (AR9565), when connecting to a mobile phone hotspot, the Tx rate is 11Mbps, and there is no way to access the Internet. I don't know why, can it be solved? Thank you! 10.13.6 is normal, you can use this method: https://github.com/black-dragon74/ATH9KFixup/releases However, when connecting with some routers, there will be situations where you can't access the Internet. For example, I am connected to the mobile phone hotspot.
  11. I encountered the same problems as yours, can not wake up (black screen), I always felt that can be solved by dsdt, but still can not find a solution, continue to explore.
  12. Removal of this dsdt SATA and SAT1 in the _DSM method can sleep normally, but can not wake up.
  13. Removed from the original dsdt _PRW, still can not wake up, but above 10.12 normal. Now attach the original dsdt. This problem has a long history, may be 10.13 sleep strategy has changed, does not support my motherboard hardware? From 10.8 to 10.12, sleep wake up are very normal, just 10.13 can not wake up. DSDT.dsl.zip
  14. Blank, do not output anything. This means that there is no wake up any information. Clover configuration file Clover version is the latest version 4411. config.plist.zip