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  1. Why is black more expensive? Because they know that it'll sell to stupid people, that's why. Also, here are some CineBench scores that were posted at MacNN (btw, the earlier scores posted for the Mac mini - were they from the version of CineBench that undercalculated the Hardware GL scores for Macs or the latest version that gives the correct score?): CINEBENCH 9.5 ************************************************** ** Tester : Processor : MHz : Number of CPUs : 2 Operating System : Graphics Card : Resolution : <fill this out> Color Depth : <fill this out> ************************************************** ** Rendering (Single CPU): 277 CB-CPU Rendering (Multiple CPU): 531 CB-CPU Multiprocessor Speedup: 1.92 Shading (CINEMA 4D) : 324 CB-GFX Shading (OpenGL Software Lighting) : 1044 CB-GFX Shading (OpenGL Hardware Lighting) : 1069 CB-GFX OpenGL Speedup: 3.30 ************************************************** **
  2. IE6 on Darwine!

    Sad fact but true (IIRC) - IE 5 for the Mac is more standards compliant (yet still woefully {censored} poor) than IE 6 for the PC.
  3. It is a bug that is being experienced by a large number of people. Presumably Apple will fix it at some point.
  4. Darwin Guide

    At the moment, do not bother. It is still very much a work in progress and has too many rough edges to be usable for anything other than a few basic apps. Unless you are just wanting to play around with it, I would forget using Darwine until it is further along its development road. However, if you must use a Windows app, you currently have two options - install WinXP on your Mac or run XP through Q. You can find out more about both in other threads at this forum. N.B. I assume you meant you have a Core Duo iMac, not an iMac G5.
  5. French copyright law hits Apple

    I hate to tell you this, but you would still have to re-rip an iTMS track to be able to play it on your Yepp as it doesn't support playback of AAC files. Likewise anyone buying a WMA track and wanting to put it on their iPod. This is the one thing that really bugs me most about all the iPod "competitors" - they don't support the default iTunes format (AAC) so if you buy one, you will have to re-rip all your tunes from CD again. That is just punishing the end-user and making their products far less attractive to buy for someone who already has an iPod or for someone who uses iTunes to manage their music. Two cheers for the French. Unfortunately this law is just ridiculous - the premise is correct, but the target is wrong. Just ban the use of DRM altogether and there would be no need for half-arsed measures for compatibility.
  6. Via Software Update, Apple provides a link to the full details of what each security patch fixes for every update they release. What they don't necessarily do is provide a brilliant description for Joe Bloggs of what it all means (that is, they are a little too brief in their simplistic descriptions and the detailed ones are a too complex to help someone who isn't technically-minded). Word to the wise, though. ZDNet is not a reliable source of information on Apple and Microsoft are a thoroughly unreliable source of information on Apple. Don't forget that there is a political reason for this MS guy's comments - MS has (rightly) been hammered for it's lax attitude to security and regardless of what they say, they will continue to be while they are using a fundamentally flawed base for their OS (which is still going to be the case for Vista). It is a commercial threat to them that there is an OS that is inherently more secure available. In other words, it is in their interest to rubbish the other guy even if what they are saying is a load of bunk. The fella would have known that MS was due a lot of bad press this week due to their failure to deliver on their promises. Bad news for MS wrt to Vista is good news for Apple with OS X. How do you reduce the good news that will had their way this week... you rubbish their product, or their development process.
  7. installing and booting from FW HD

    Carbon Copy Cloner is a Mac OS X app so presumably what is being suggested is to clone your current OS X setup onto the external (HFS+ formatted) FW drive and then completely reformat the internal with whatever format is required (FAT32??) and install just Windows on it. Mac OS X has no problems booting off an external FW drive, so...
  8. ...then include the price of the OS and all the bundled software (which isn't just the iLife '06 apps) on top and you will be nearing the price of the mini. Unless you are advocating the theft of software then your pricing scheme is out of whack (or did you actually include that in your estimate already? My bad if you did). No dispute there, but you are assuming that this gap is going to remain empty. Apple turns 30 in April - maybe they'll release something then that fills that gap. Or maybe they won't. It has long been the case that Apple hasn't had the ideal (or, indeed, any) solution to fill that gap. They had the Cube but it was at completely the wrong price point and they had the eMac which wasn't headless. However, their attitude probably is that it would steal sales away from the iMac and PowerMac product line which would mean far less profits for them which would mean far less confidence in their stock from shareholders. Perhaps they just don't see it as a market segment that is economically worth-their-while to fill at the moment (obviously they haven't in the past). Perhaps that will change soon. Who knows?
  9. MacBook Pro Reviews

    There is obviously something borked about the UI test anyway as the intel Macs are scoring lower than the PPCs and that is against the grain of the user experience and the improved graphics cards in the newer machines. XBench just isn't a very good tool IMO. It barely even gives you similar results when run multiple times on the same machine. At best, it only gives you a rough indication of performance.
  10. They do sell them for a similar price (fluctuations in exchange rates not withstanding and of course they never seem to fluctuate in the buyers favour, but...) - how many times does it have to be said to be people living in the UK and the rest of Europe? We have to pay VAT (and this is included in the sale price displayed). Prices in the US do not include any sales taxes. If people buy them in the US they may have to pay sales tax and that can vary wildly from state to state.
  11. What confuses me about that quote (and Steve Jobs did say it) is that given the line-up prior to the Intel transition: Mac mini iMac PowerMac iBook PowerBook how is changing 3 of 5 lines equal to 50% of the product line - that is 60%? Unintentional slip-up that indicates a new product is due to be announced (thus making 3 out of 6 product lines = 50%) or because the PowerBook has only been partially transitioned? Edit: Nevermind, I just realised that I forgot about the eMac.
  12. How about WinTel 2.1.1

    Here is one description of how to get XP running under Q on the intel Macs: The workaround: Get the windows version of QEMU, and create a guest PC in that. You can then transfer that image to the Intel Mac, and it will work!! The main problem was that I only have an old Pentium 3 650 Mhz PC, and to install XP, it took... wait for it.... 9.5 hours!!!!!!! BUT, it was worth it, and I now have XP running on my Core Duo.
  13. CNET has some shaky handcam footage of it... (however... warning: {censored} Flash player alert).
  14. Er, because the mini is a low end Mac? These aren't machines for hard core gamers - they are introductory level machines for PC switchers who want to get a taste of OS X and the iLife; they are cheap macs for schools and offices. At least they will finally support core image/video and they apparently have 2 RAM slots now too. FWIW, the core duo AOpen miniPC is allegedly going to cost a touch under $1000.
  15. How about WinTel 2.1.1

    What they claim and what the reality is are two very different things. It is native only in the sense that the front end is supposedly compiled as an UB. Just read the reviews around the web about WinTel and forget it - the guy selling it is a complete charlatan.