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  1. Most days it seems like my conventional OS/cpu monsters are one caveat after another. Why I've even considered going Macrosoft, I have no idea. "Find the sofabed.kext file in the Bladder directory and replace novascotia.clvd with braun.clvd. That should restore the browning function if your toaster oven is of the via chipset classification FunyonDX." Hey, alright. A Near Life experience. I comb through as much of this landslide as I can but still. I'm ages away from even attempting to implement operation "half breed" on anything I intend to utilize. Translated : It's gonna take forever for me to decipher what the hell all this means and then stick on a machine. I don't dare ask a moderator for some hint of a comprehensive hardware list. That would imply that I hadn't spent countless hours crossreferencing hardware components. I've got to brush up on my romanian if I want my usb hub to work. Not gonna happen. Bottom line...I need to be able to have the functionality yesterday. Can I just make brownies and let Mac Girl set up my {censored}?

    Yoav - I own both a m audio 2496 audiophile pci card and an audiophile firewire interface. without a doubt the audiophile firewire interface has been more reliable than the pci card from the mac standpoint. it's fine in my pc, but it was a disaster on my g4 dual 1ghz mdd. that was pre panther however. what bearing this may have on your situation is unclear, i guess. both implements have their drawbacks. m audio squirels away multiple firmware loaders onto your machine. the one for the fw interface is always in the sys log as having failed. it can evade detection without warning...still that's the safest m audio interface to use. that is not saying a whole, let me tell ya. get the pre sonus if you can. many of them have dropped considerably. behringer is going to have a 99 dollar firewire interface any day now. m audio in general needs a wake up call with regards to their software development. i'm afraid they're concentrating on a Native Instruments type support ethic. MORE Fancy Graphics.