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    Hi there. Thanks to all for this amazing and useful topic! Anybody has a problem with enabled iGPU and installed Alpine Ridge rev. 2.0? When i enable iGPU macOS can start and say ‘error loading kernel cache 0x9‘ and when iGPU disabled macOS can start. I manage to create my own ssdt for TB3 also i tried use arbitrary, different version of kext and uefi 64bit drivers, disconnect THB_C cable and High Sierra and Mojave. All of this not working for my case. After them i insert Alpine Ridge card into pci x8 and it works with igpu, but only in display output mode without TB3 (i have LG ultrafine 5k) and BIOS doesn't have TB setting menu in this case. I need iGPU enabled for h264 encoding, for example, for recording video from screen. Anybody has advice for me?