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  1. Hackmac101

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    run smcread -s smcread
  2. Hackmac101

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Real mac dumps from few models. MacPro6,1txtMacBookPro15,2.txtMacBookPro15,1.txt
  3. Hackmac101

    Clover Themes

    Isn’t the new embedded theme SVG? Why do we need another set for 2x? Can’t we just scale it?
  4. Hackmac101

    Intel FB-Patcher v1.5.4

    The kext exported doesn't have correct plist, USB3 and Internal are correct as 3 and 255, but USB2 is 0. USBPower.kext.zip
  5. Hackmac101

    Intel FB-Patcher v1.5.4

    Are front case USB ports considered as internal?
  6. Hackmac101


  7. Hackmac101

    Clover problems report & features request

    please move away from sf to github, for a more reliable service, easier for everyone to contribute code and build wiki, as well as PR reviews.
  8. Hackmac101

    Clover General discussion

  9. Hackmac101

    Clover problems report & features request

    Add ability to automatically boot Install macOS from target disk, else boot the OS. So we don't have to pay attention to reboots while OS is updating.
  10. Hackmac101

    (pre-release) macOS High Sierra 10.13.5

  11. Hackmac101

    Clover problems report & features request

    Ability to have bigger font size with Text Only mode, and have the menu in the center not top left. On 4K monitors text is very hard to see because the text is too small.
  12. Hackmac101

    Decompiled original Apple DSDTs

    I extracted from a retail store, sorry. people here may help you: https://applelife.ru/threads/darwindumper-dampy-nastojaschix-macov.39174/
  13. Hackmac101


    Clover installer has the newest version. But here: Archive.zip
  14. Device (PEG0) { Name (_ADR, 0x00010000) // _ADR: Address Method (_PRT, 0, NotSerialized) // _PRT: PCI Routing Table { If (PICM) { Return (AR01) } Return (PR01) } Device (PEGP) { Name (_ADR, Zero) // _ADR: Address Name (_SUN, One) // _SUN: Slot User Number } Device (HDAU) { Name (_ADR, One) // _ADR: Address Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) // _DSM: Device-Specific Method { If (LEqual (Arg2, Zero)) { Return (Buffer (One) { 0x03 }) } Return (Package (0x0A) { "AAPL,slot-name", "Built In", "name", "HDMI Controller", "built-in", Buffer (One) { 0x00 }, "model", Buffer (0x4C) { "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Ellesmere Radeon RX 580 HDMI Audio Controller" }, "device_type", Buffer (0x10) { "HDMI Controller" } }) } } } How do I make this into a tiny DSDT file?