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  1. Hackmac101

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    AirportBrcmFixup refuse to load. I am using OpenCore, have not tried Clover. I have compile all kexts from latest commits(Allow loading on 10.15 without `-lilubetaall`). Same EFI configuration loads up everything on 10.14, including AirportBrcmFixup. WiFi card is: 14E4:43B1/BCM4352/ASUS PCE-AC56
  2. Hackmac101

    Fanless Mode RX570

    My fan issues fixed by updating to 10.14.5. RX 470.
  3. Hackmac101

    OpenCore Discussion

    AutoGenerated.c Thanks to @Ukr55 from applelife.ru
  4. Hackmac101

    OpenCore Discussion

    When I boot OpenCore's config, macOS identifies a different computer to Clover's config. SystemSerialNumber, BoardSerialNumber, SystemUUID/smuuid, MLB, ROM, Board ID, Hardware UUID are all the same. macserial give the same results booting from both configs. I can't find what I'm missing. Here are my configs Opencore: https://ghostbin.com/paste/4p4ed Clover: https://ghostbin.com/paste/apmde
  5. Hackmac101

    OpenCore Discussion

    Search AppleCpuPmCfgLock in the Sample.plist from OpenCorePkg, enable it in your config.
  6. Hackmac101

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.5

    Currently I'm on beta 2, I'm still not getting the 3rd update.
  7. Hackmac101

    macOS Mojave 10.14.4 is out

    Updating to 10.14.5 fixes issues related AMD GPU from the previous version.
  8. Hackmac101

    Clover problems report & features request

    https://github.com/corpnewt/CloverExtractor.git Use this script to install Clover in the right partition
  9. Hackmac101

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.5

    @Moviemakergr So what happens to Macs like iMac Pro with Xeon without iGPU? Some AMD cards are supported for HW acceleration. My iGPU is disabled from BIOS.
  10. Hackmac101

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.5

    iGPU disabled from BIOS.
  11. Hackmac101

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.5

    iGPU disabled.
  12. Hackmac101

    Vector Themes

    I would love to help adding Chinese, but I need a guide explaining the process.
  13. Hackmac101

    Vector Themes

    Looks like 300% PS: I've been using my own script to extract & replace Clover.efi to update Clover, not running the installer, so I didn't know there are new included themes. My bad. Edit: bdmesg tells us that the scaling is 2.812500
  14. Hackmac101

    Vector Themes

    Where can I get this theme? Will it scale 4K to 200%?