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  1. so i exchanged the apfs.efi with the one from my installer, that did the trick.
  2. You deserver a Medal! At first it did not work so i made a fresh install with the provided clover folder, USB and audio is now working properly! Thanks so much! The only thing is, for the fresh install i had to fiddle around with the clover folder you gave me. I was running into "Error loading kernel cache (0xe)" when trying to boot. I swept out OsxAptioFixDrv-64 with OsxAptioFixDrv2-64 which fixed it. Also keyboard and mouse did not work during install so using newest USBInjectAll fixed that one. I also disabled the Nvidiawebdriver in config.plist and just set nvidiasingle. Finally on the Desktop "everything" worked i tested USB 3.0 Speed and front and back panel audio out. Then i installed EFI Partion on boot drive and rebooted, now im running into "Error loading kernel cache (0xe)" again and can't boot to the desktop. I think with some fiddling around i can make it to boot properly, but maybe you have a solution for that too. Im so happy right now to know that its possible to make it run! If possible i want to donate! edit: i updated all kexts except for AppleALC and CodecCommander i hope thats no problem!
  3. Hey MaLd0n, your support is amazing! So here is my Setup: i7 7700k Asus ROG Strix z270i 32 Gb RAM GTX 1060 3GB Samsung 960 pro 512GB macOS 10.13 So far my System is running quit good, im having Geforce web driver installed and working. The Setup even sleeps properly and front Panel USB's are working. Im having trouble getting full USB 3.0 speed, there are Sound devices detected but no sound coming form them, also HDMI Sound would be nice. I hope you can help me out with your DSDT's. thx a lot! files.zip