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    *sigh* I am an exception to the rule ( for here, anyway) .... Be {censored} , I dont mind, I will still respect you just the same , but just dont try to impress any of that type of thinking on me. That's all I ask. By the way, I am not a guy. Sorry to disappoint.....
  2. AbsoFokinlutely


    Right. Surely it doesn't matter what makes somebody happy so long as it doesn't harm somebody else, and homosexuality harms nobody, so there's no cause to make anything of it, it's just a characteristic like any other that should not be fussed over ....^
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    Keep in mind, I'm not trying to say homosexuality is wrong or right by any means, I'm just saying that it most likely would not benefit evolution of the human race. When strict homosexuality is practiced by two people, their genes aren't passed on. End of story. That is it. ^ To the person trying to compare my first post on this subject to black people instead of homosexuals : There's nothing to compare - stupid to even bring it up as such. {censored} people are how they are. On 60 minutes they had a story about 2 twin boys that grew up completely set in their ways from birth. It is possible that before birth , certain genes can make this decision for us. One of the twin boys grew up and didnt like any normal boy-type toys but rather, he liked pink, Barbies, and other dolls...while his twin brother was what we (society) would call normal. The mother didnt try to influence either boy in any (sexual) preference/direction. Interesting story.... The people that decide they are {censored} after trying regular relationships with the opposite sex... What is that all about?
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    If you happen to believe in God, then you are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve. ( In a homosexual sense , maybe it would be more appealing if it were Adam and Steve...) Anyway.....two men cant make babies and two women cant make babies. My opinion is not a favorable one. So , I say it like this: If you were a child at school and the teacher wants to have a parent conference with your parents and you live with your adopted parents which happen to be two (legally married) men......What do you feel like ??? --
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    how to create dvd from rar files d/l on a win pc?

    My friend bought a (secondhand) macbook ( my bad, it's not an "air" model) and somehow he has now managed to lock himself out . He was using it fine I guess but changed something and now he cant log on. Anyways, he needs an operating system disk to fix this, (right?) He said it has Tiger ( I dont know the version) on it. I downloaded a set of .RAR files that is suppose to be the new leopard o/s. I use a windows based pc. I wanted to make him the dvd of the leopard o/s but I want it to fit on a single layer dvd. I need to know how to do this: (1) make the o/s disk on my win pc (2) make it fit on a s/l dvd
  6. Anyone know if a s/l dvd can be created on a PC of the leopard os x (10.5) ??? I want to install in on a mac after.
  7. Hello, I downloaded (64 parts) the leopard os x so I could make a dvd and then install it on a MacBook Air computer. My question is: How do I create this dvd? I use win xp on my pc and winace for .rar type files. I want to create the dvd on the windows computer because thats where I downloaded the files to. Can someone give a little instruction on how to go about this? Thankyou for your patience & sorry if I dont have all the terminology just right. Any help is greatly appreciated.