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  1. This is a desktop so I am not sure what would happen with a laptop. As you, the OSX report that the card is off , but when I go to the istumbler it is ON an capturing. I don't know if the steps I did before trying with istumbler have anything to do with it working. Before trying with stumbler, I when to the Airport Setup Assistant in utilities and run it. The program told me that to be able to configure the airport it has to be turner on and I seleted OK and got an error. If I repeated those steps with my laptop that is running with a 1450 truemobile miniPCI the airport card do get TURN ON. Maybe that what did it for me on my Desktop . Remeber I never have got it to be reported as turn on by OSX, but it is. Hope this can help. MacMyPC
  2. Hi there: Sucess of all of us that have an atheros based card. It is working native in 10.4.5. I updated the 10.4.4 to 10.4.5 using maxxuss intructions and to my surprice I have an wifi icon in the apple bar at boot. It is even recognizes as an airport card extreme in the system profile. But don't be fool, not the icon in the bar or the airport card utilities work at least for me. The magic weapon was the I installed the istumbler program (I have a dell laptop with working wifi using 1450 miniPCI card) and yesss, when I run it I see all the wifi networks in my area and I am able to joind them using the Istumbler . Hope this can help all of us out there that have an atheros based card and couldn't used it. For information I have an D-link DWL-510 card that is Athero based. Don't know the specific chipset. Cordially: MacMyPC