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  1. Powermac G4 power buttons with ATX mod

    The way i did it. I used the original PCB, omit the electronic by cut the original copper lines to the switches, and soldred wires directly to the switches and the LED for power on. This is working wery well, and i'm pleased.
  2. Another Hackintosh G4 case

    Hello nice build. I´ve done the same thing. But i used a microATX board, Gigabyte EG41MF-USH2, i did not thought that it would be possible to use a full ATX board. Could you take some picture to show how it "fit" in the other end. Because i choose to use a DVD reader/writer i had to use a external DVD station that i placed in the original place. If you are interested i could upload some pictures of how i did it.
  3. I need to learn about OSX

    Thank you for pointing me to the right direction, funny that my own "keyword" was a so good match for Google. The book are ordered from Amazon yesterday. The reason for asking in this forum was, that i thought that some one in this forum could recomend a good book for me. There is a lot of not so good books out there (read {censored}). Any way, Google is in deed my best friend on Internet. I using it severals time each day, and it would indeed be difficult to be me without it. But wery often it is better to get a god recomadation by real pepoles.
  4. I need to learn about OSX

    I´ve been playing with Hacintosh about 1 year now. But i need to read about how things are put together. Are there any book that describe the OS, thinking about KEXT. I´ve baught a book (the missing manual) from Amazon, but it does not tell me anything about the "internals" Can someone recomend a good book, or a url Regards form Norway