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  1. i've installed visual studio 2005 and the performance was good. compiled ok .. also running fine a MS SQL + ASP.NET 2.0 website. stil you shoud try the trial first.
  2. I've installed paralleles on a Pentium D930 CPU. Instalation of windows 2003 and XP went fine, but then the audio started to shutter (i hear strange noises). The noises appear in osx in all audio applications (iTunes, VLC etc. ) Did anyone have this problem?
  3. viprad

    Callisto Technical Discussion

    Very very well put Snollygoster. I coudn't have said it better myself.
  4. just an idea: did you try the airport drivers from 10.4.4? with a modified devid of course. it could work ... also one question: do you get QE + CI on the laptop?
  5. viprad

    Kernel Panics in 8F1111

    a lot of powerpc software does not work: ms office, stuffit expander etc.