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  1. Update to .8.5 from .4 didn't cause any problems with my system.
  2. 10.8.4 Update from .8.3 worked without any fixes!
  3. No problems after updating to .8.1 via AppStore, everything works!
  4. Bladel

    Can't install Mountain Lion

    If you are using HD68x0 remove ATI6000.kext from USB
  5. Had to remove SleepEnabler.kext to get 10.7.4 working.
  6. Is it normal for sleep/hibernate that the pc doesn't turn off, only the screen does? Tried sleepenabler.kext but doesn't change anything.
  7. Works fine on my EP35-DS3 F4, but is there a way to get Volume Control working for SPDIF?
  8. Does digital sound out work with this guide?
  9. Bladel

    iDeneb v1 10.5.4

    Hey tried to install iDeneb, but got Kernel panic after installation on bootup. "Your Chipset 0x00ee10de ins't supported" selected AppleNForceATA. I have got a MSI K8N Neo2 Plat Mobo. What's wrong?
  10. Same problem here with Leo4All V3. Found any solution?