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  1. I got it to boot up, but the graphics don't work, i installed 2 or 3 different drivers, no go. The network doesnt work, and i did get around the loop when it first booted using the 640x480 trick. so right now im using xp(yuk) made to look like osx(blasphemy!)Anything but vista! I work on this off and on, so don't expect me to reply quickly, my hands are full and i try not to get fired. Sorry for rambling. keep it fake!
  2. hello there, i have recently gotten back into this. and im having a bit of trouble. my pc is a gateway gt5662 the mobo is a mcp61pm-gm , the graphics are ATI radeon hd 2400 xt, but it has nvidia nforce sata controllers. i find that odd. the processor is an amd phenom 9500 quad core. this is a new pc that was purchased from circuit city, it was on clearance. anyways i first tried the 10.4.8 uphuck played with the bios settings, turned raid on and the disc booted formatted mac journaled with mbr boot setting and installed. it would not reset. it would go to a black screen and it said mach_kernel reboot or something of the like. so i shut it off manually. booted the partition it froze at the grey apple. i read on the forums here that you had to have the zeph 10.5.1 disc to get phenom working.i obtained it and it installed rather quickly , but instead of rebooting it goes into a kernel panic. so i manually shut it off. when i booted the partition it said somthing about inserting a system disc and pressing enter. i think i might be overlooking something, i going to try the chameleon 1.0.11, see if that helps. if anyone has had any luck please let me know what settings and things you have used. also i would like to mention the zeph 10.5.1 did not have any options to pick a kernel, it had x11 for unix windowing?, the french language, some fonts, and printer drivers. i installed none of those.