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  1. Pc vs Mac Microsoft Ad campaign.

    Whilst reading today about Ms's latest Ad campaign ( http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7.../pc-vs-mac.aspx ), to try and put off people moving from PC to Mac, I decided to come up with my own response. Attached is my own version of their sad attempt. Let me know if you like it. And for those PC addicts out there. I'm not going to get into a PC vs Mac argument, this is just for fun!!! andy_bon PC_vs_Mac.pdf
  2. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    Update Now have working version of Win 7 x64 RTM (7600) running perfectly on my MBP. Have used the "token meathod" to activate Win 7, as per RC version until 03/10. Have installed the released version of Macdrive 8 and working well (with MD7 hack). As this is the final release of Windows 7, everything seem slightly more polished and working very well. I am using the Bootcamp 3.0 drivers from Snow_Leopard_Bootcamp_Drivers_build10a354. This version adds trackpad settings in the bootcamp control panel. To update my las post when using bootcamp 3.0, put pc into test mode as described, install drivers, and then take out of testmode. All drivers still work with full functionality.
  3. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    UPDATE I don't know if write permissions will be available on the official bootcamp release with snow leopard, but you can't write to HFS with this version. If like me you need write permissions from windows on your OS x drive (for me it's using Postbox with emails stored on my OS x partition), you will need to keep or re-install macdrive.
  4. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    Thanks for the spell check. Just stuck on one thing now. No write privileges from windows to hfs? Have I missed something or is bootcamp only able to read mac volumes?
  5. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    Thanks Holyfield. I've managed to get this Bootcamp working on my MBP on Win7 x64. It takes some messing around though. As with other installers, if you try to install with the setup.exe file you will get the response that the program is not compatible. Here's my instruction to get this working on x64 Win 7: 1. As with Macdrive, I had to navigate to the x64 msi file and edit using Easy MSI editor. As before delete the launch condition. Save the MSI file and install. 2. During the install Windows will inform you that certain drivers cannot be installed due to "unassigned digital signiatures". OK these messages and install. 3. Following install and reboot, not all components will work, specifically the ability to use the HFS feature. This is due to the errors noted above. To overcome this you need to run the system in testmode, which will ignore the digital signatures. The following is instruction to run in testmode (if you don't already know) Run Win 7 in Testmode (or XP, Vista blah blah) i) Open elevated command prompt - Click start, type CMD in search, right click on CMD and "run as administrator" ii) In the command prompt window which appears type: bcdedit.exe /set TESTSIGNING ON and return. iii) Reboot the pc. Now all features will run. Normally using this on other versions has put the words "testmode" in each corner of your desktop. But this hasn't happen on this version (maybe because it is a test version os), its just put testmode above windows 7 in BRH corner. Attached is a screenshot of this working on my MBP. Great I can finally dump Macdrive. Can't wait for OS x 10.6. (ps thanks for the spell check holyfield)
  6. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    Update: same issues with 7.2.6 with win 7 RC (7100). I don't think this will be resolved until new programs are released by Macdrive. Update: Further to my original post about editing the msi files, instead of messing about with the win version number when editing, just right click on "LaunchCondition" and delete the whole table. this removes all restrictions on what versions the file can be loaded on.
  7. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    7.2.6 still not working in win 7 7068 x64, but 7.2.5 working. What about you 32bit guys? I haven't installed 7057 or 7068 on my imac yet in 32bit, and was wondering if anyone has got this working (natively).
  8. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    I can confirm Chrysaor's install on Win 7 7048. However I just installed 7.2.5 as I instructed originally, and updated to 7.2.6, works a treat. Since installing Macdrive on my MBP running Win 7 x64, I have been trying to get this installed natively on my Imac running Win 7 x32. To date I still haven't found a work around. The Paragon method seems to be the only way to get this working on x32. I can only assume that Win 7 x32 has a different file structure to Vista, as I am lead to believe that Win 7 was always intended to be x64 only. I am still trying to get this working on x32 on my Imac, and will post anything I can, but in the meantime the paragon route is the best option to get it working.
  9. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    Right here's my latest. Firstly I don't think MacDrive 7.2.5 is as stable as 7.2.4, on 64bit anyway. Due to reasons other than the macdrive issue, I have reverted back to my vista os. The problems people are experiencing in this discussion on win7 are the same in vista. The program loads but no drive showing in explorer. This can only point to the program itself. I have now re-installed 7.2.4 on vista, and all is back to normal. I think there are conflicts between Bootcamp and Macdrive, accessing the Drive, because whenever I do a reapir on either program, in Win7 or Vista, it seems to work again. I would suggest that you try the same modifications I instructed on 7.2.4, not 7.2.5 to see if this resolves the issue on Win7. please post back to see if you have any luck. PS forgot to mention. Try using Winclone in mac os, it's saved me hours in reverting back and fourth between Win7 and Vista, you need alot of free drive space on your HDD though!
  10. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    Bluedingo did you do the run in compatability bit - thats what actually makes this work, the rest just lets it install? Are you using 32bit or 64bit? Gmcouto. Glad this has worked for someone else. Prefer your instructions - a bit more to the point.
  11. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    Update Follow the instructions set out earlier but change any reference VersionNT=600 to VersionNT>=600, this means install on any system above versionnt=600, ie all versions of Win 7 64 & 32 bit.
  12. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    Right, here’s the instructions for how i got Macdrive fully working on Win 7 x64 (and I’m sure this works for 32bit aswell). The problem is, as discussed before that the program is looking for Vista or XP with SP’s. So what we will is change the installer to look for Win 7. In order to get this working you will need the latest release of MacDrive and a program called Orca found at http://www.technipages.com/download-orca-msi-editor.html. 1. Firstly extract the Macdrive exe package using winrar or similar to a directory on your hard drive. You will then have a directory called macdrive_7.2.5_en_setup containing a setup.exe file and 2 folders. 2. Open the folder named MacDrive and then open on the corresponding folder for your os, in my case x64.en-US. Within this folder you will find the msi installer package. 3. Open the file MacDrive7.x64.en-US.msi (or x32 one) using the program Orca. You will then be presented with a list of Table commands on the left hand panel, and the description script on the right. Locate LaunchCondition on the Left, and on the right hand side you will see the requirement for the os at install. 4. On the Third line in the condition panel you will see IGNORE_LAUNCH_CONDITIONS Or Installed Or ((VersionNT=501 AND ServicePackLevel>=2) Or (VersionNT=600 AND ServicePackLevel>=1) Or (VersionNT=600 And MsiNTProductType<>3)) Correct me if I’m wrong but the number 600 stand for the windows version. I think 501 is XP Sp2, 502 is Vista SP1 and 600 is Vista x64? Anyway change the above for the following: IGNORE_LAUNCH_CONDITIONS Or Installed Or ((VersionNT=501 AND ServicePackLevel>=2) Or (VersionNT=600 AND ServicePackLevel>=1) Or (VersionNT=601 And MsiNTProductType<>3)) The new number 601 stands for Win 7. 5. Right that’s the change needed to make this work, so next you need to click on the validate tab (the one with the red tick). This seems to change the code again slightly, not sure what it’s doing. 6. Save the file as the original. 7. To install Macdrive just click on the msi file you created. The first time I tried this the install process had an error and it didn’t install completely. So the second time I used the Win 7 compatibility wizard and ran as Vista compatible. Just right click on the file and select “troubleshoot compatibility”. I now have a fully functioning copy of Macdrive on Win7 x64. I can’t guarantee this working for everyone, this is my experience with it. I’ve tried upgrading from vista and macdrive was causing failure, I tried using PCmover on the macdrive file and that doesn’t work on x64 to x64. Let me know how it goes! I'd like to know if this works on 32bit aswell
  13. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    He guy's - Update THIS IS %100 working. Big mistake saying message me - my inbox now filling up. I will post instructions in the next couple of hours.
  14. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    Hi all Finally managed to install a working copy of macvidia 7.2.5 on windows 7 x64. Everything is working as with vista. Attached screen shot. I can read and write to all mac hfs drives as before. I had to mod the msi file and then run in vista compatabilty mode. Message me if you need further instruction. Still testing this, so if I find a problems I will post them, but I think it will be ok, as mentioned "windows 7 is Vista SP2"
  15. I upgraded my MBP to 4 gig RAM. I used the free download program at www.crucial.com. The software scans your mac and tells you whats installed and what upgrade you need. Much cheaper than Apple and highly recommended. Good Luck - andy_bon