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  1. Finally managed to complete the installation. There are a couple of points where one can be get caught ..so here is the detailed procedure: 1 Create USB installer with EasyMBR-Installer1015 + INSTALL CLOVER ON IT, edit config.plist as needed (RtVariables BooterConfig 0x28, CsrActiveConfig 0x67, inject kext=yes ) and add needed kext to Other folder. USB will be automatically renamed 10154EasyMBR19E28 2 Boot into USB, and from DiskUtility format target drive as HFS+ mandatory, and install Catalina on it. 3 Boot into the installer USB again and from terminal run script "copytempdata" and follow instructions..it will reboot 4 Boot into Catalina HFS+ drive with Clover flag -s for single-user mode. When console shows: "Enabling and disabling services is not supported in single-user mode, and disabled services will not be respected when loading services while in single-user mode. To mount the root device as read-write: $ /sbin/mount -X/ To boot the system : $exit. Type "hfsupdatecache" and it will finish Catalina installation. 5 Boot into Catalina HFS+ drive to finish system setup. After a few tries I realised there USB creation wasn't going well ( Usb drive related issues..) so I made a little HFS+ partition on SSD to create the installer.
  2. @ekwipt can you please share what fixed it? I have an rx-580 and when booting to Catalina I get Black screen too.. booting with agdpmod=pikera didn't help Thank you
  3. How to finish the Catalina installation. 1. Use EasyMBR-Installer1015 to make USB Catalina Installer. 2. Boot to USB Catalina Installer, open Utilities -> Disk Utility, format as MBR HFS+. <== won't boot..there is no boot loader in the created usb drive..also format "target drive" Install Catalina to blank MBR HFS+ "Target" partition. 3. Boot to USB Catalina Installer, open Utilities -> Terminal, run the script command: <== no Volumes gets listed to select copytempdata 4. Boot to "Target" MBR HFS+ partition on single user mode (-s), run the script command:install.log hfsupdatecache 5. Reboot to "Target" MBR HFS+ partition, setup user name and login, finish the installation. After trying many times of following the procedure for EasyMBR-Installer1015 creation I'm stuck at step 3. Basically what I've done is: 1. I made the usb with EasyMBR-Installer1015. 1b. Installed clover on it. Added Lilu,WhateverGreen, AppleAHCIPort AppleALC kexts needed for my motherboard in other folder. Set RtVariables to BooterConfig 0x28 CsrActiveConfig 0x67. Set SystemParameters InjectKext to yes. 2. Boot into the Usb installer fine, formatted the target drive and installed Catalina on it. Installation went smooth and system rebooted. At Clover screen dough I see a new Catalina recovery disk. ( not sure it's normal ) 3. Reboot into the Usb installer again and from terminal run the script copytempdata. The script asks to select a drive from the available ones to perform three things.. but in script "Available target volumes:" there's none to select and there I'm stuck.. I checked the volume I installed Catalina on and it has this folder structure:private/var/log/install.log()114 kbvm (empty) GetInfo shows 8,56 GB used. I attached the log so it might help understanding what's happening . What else can I check to see what's happening? Thank you very much
  4. @Cyberdevs Indeed, I was initially saying in the question that I tried both that one method and installing directly from downloaded installer with same installing loop result , then realized that I couldn't discuss hat method here so I deleted a few lines but I jumped one.. Sorry for the hassle. I looked in my profile to update mi signature but I couldn't see any place for it. I'll look better. Thanks for pointing out both things. Cheers
  5. I'm struggling to install Catalina as I always get back to the 15 min remaining time .. screen after rebootingI first tried installing it on a separate volume on the same ssd where I have High-Sierra installed and installation loop made me think it was due to that, so I erased it to only have Catalina on, but nothing changed. The installation sequence is this: Start installation from downloaded installer. Remaining time progress bar goes down until 1st reboots happens @ 2 minutes left. On reboot ssd name changed into Boot macOSInstall from Catalina. Select it and the installation process starts with the 13 minutes remaining time.. progress bar and continues until 2nd reboot happens. Now Boot macOSInstall from Catalina changes into Boot macOSInstall from Catalina-Data.Selecting it starts installation loop, as it goes back to the 13 minutes remaining time.. progress bar and continues until it reboots again. Still ssd is named Boot macOSInstall from Catalina-Data. My motherboard is a Asus P6T Deluxe v2 and my graphic card is a Sapphire rx-580. What can I check to find out why is happening ? Thank you very much