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  1. Well, this specs are really very very new. So far, I have not seen kext for: a) Intel PM45 Chipset (*i maybe wrong*) GeForce 9600M GS c) Intel Wireless Wifi Link 5100 Well, i think you've got to wait and see what new laptops Apple will be launching on 14 Oct 2008...and hopefully there's hope for your components. Back in where I'm from, Acer also started shipping laptops starting with PM45 Chipset coupling with GeForce 9300M GS as the basic offering for their new product lineups. Are you able to test if your VGA display can output the signal out to a monitor/LCD? cheers! perimbean
  2. Hmm..what are your hardware specs? Does it come with Nvidia 9600M GS or the Intel 4500 graphic? Maybe you'd like to post the hardware specs?
  3. perimbean

    Gigabye M912X tablet hack

    The tablet hack sure looks great! Let's hope the product will reach my shore and may consider getting it. About the build of the product, haveing a single hinge for the swivel, from the videos I've seen so far, it looks flimsy (I worry it'd break easily...) Comparing the price of M912 to Panasonic's Toughbook, i think the product is a steal!
  4. perimbean

    intel G45 chipset and x4500 graphics...

    Well, I've checked out Intel's site.. Their new chipset consist of: PM45 < GM45 < GS45, whereby PM45 does not have any onboard graphic chipset. From the rumours, nvidia maybe launched alongside with Apple's new macbook series. I *suspect* PM45 maybe used with the new macbooks. Macbook series: Intel PM45 + Nvidia 9300M GS or Intel GM45 with x4500 Macbook Pro series: Intel PM45 + Nvidia 9600M GT I maybe wrong. I'm looking forward to Oct 14...
  5. perimbean

    Gigabye M912X tablet hack

    The M version does not include bluetooth but does include the LED-backlit 1024x600 screen. ( I may be wrong...) (The M912X includes a CCFL backlit screen) The tablet sure looks tempting.
  6. perimbean

    Security Update 2008-007

    Yup! Confirmed to be safe for "Vanilla" kernels. I've gotten it installed on Retail Disc-installed hacks. Cheers! perimbean
  7. I've installed the file as well..so far so good. Everything's working well.
  8. perimbean

    installing leopard on sony laptop

    Hi! What are you hardware specs? Do you mind posting it here? Cheers! perimbean
  9. perimbean

    Adobe Creative Suite 4 unveiled!

    Here's what's been offer under Adobe CS4:
  10. perimbean

    Tyan S2696 8 Core Hackintosh

    Hi! I've got a question to ask. Has anyone been to update your 8-core workstaion to say 10.5.3 or even the latest 10.5.5 update? I'm curious to find out. Thanks! perimbean
  11. perimbean

    Leopard Live DVD for Apple computers?

    I've got an LIVE DVD (Leopard version) which was created by man fanatics. I've used it to boot up both Tiger and Leopard machines (imacs, macbook, macbook pro etc.). The purpose of the disc is for easy maintainence on mac setups. Maybe we could modify for our own rigs? I've tried it on my rig but no go. With a boot-132 disc, it boots up but without the proper kext, i only managed to get garbage on screen.
  12. Hi Buildsmart! Thanks for posting the image of the Asus PCI-express adaptor. I'm wondering if: a) There's a combination of both wifi+bluetooth module (EDR 2.0) on a mini-pci-express card which can be slot into the Asus card? For newer cards, which normally comes with 3 antennas, I suppose the Asus card is able to support all 3 antennas? Please advise. Thanks! perimbean
  13. Nope. I do not face problems updating my system with 2008-005 security update. I applied it on 7 workstations (5 x Q6600, 01 x P4 HT and 01 x CoreDuo) and all worked fine.
  14. Do try looking for Kalyway 10.5.2 distribution. I've got success with Kalyway 10.5.2 with Pentium 4 HT cpu chipset and updated it to 10.5.4.
  15. Hi! Does your current laptop still have any Windows OS in it? If possible, please try running CPU-Z 1.46 (downloadable from http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php). CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system. CPU • Name and number. • Core stepping and process. • Package. • Core voltage. • Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier. • Supported instructions sets. • Cache information. Mainboard • Vendor, model and revision. • BIOS model and date. • Chipset (northbridge and southbridge) and sensor. • Graphic interface. Memory • Frequency and timings. • Module(s) specification using SPD (Serial Presence Detect) : vendor, serial number, timings table. System • Windows and DirectX version. Once you've got CPU-Z running, go to the last tab and generate a htm file which contains all config specs of your machine. If possible, post back here and it'd be easier to discuss. Hope the information helps. Cheers! perimbean