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  1. The Dumbing Down of osx86

    "How to ask questions the smart way" is available at http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html and really should be required reading for anybody who wants to post a question in a technical forum. Probably most of us already know the info provided just based on our common sense, but it is nice to see it presented formally. I am a complete n00b when it comes to osx86, but my reason for getting into it is because I want to get my hands dirty and learn more about how everything works. I have a nice fast apple-branded mac that I can use for running vanilla osx, but I want to learn more about the ins and outs of how it all works, and I definitely enjoy challenging myself with learning new things, so it seems osx86 will be a great hobby for me.
  2. Cider with gamepads?

    I just got the Ciderized version of GTA San Andreas, and just about everything seems to be working pretty well for me with the exception of getting my gamepad controller set up properly. I have a Logitech Dual Action, which is basically a PS2 knockoff in that there are 12 buttons, two thumbsticks, and an eight-way d-pad (or hat switch or whatever you call that thing). It seems the Ciderized GTA San Andreas recognizes both the left thumbstick and the d-pad as the same, in that both controls move the character around, but what I would like to remap the d-pad to control other functions (while leaving the left thumbstick the same, for moving the character around). I have tried two different Mac utilities for remapping gamepad controls (Controllermate, and Gamepad Companion), both of which allow me to successfully send whatever keyboard keystrokes I have assigned, but the regular d-pad commands ALSO get sent, and the character gets moved around, which I do not want. So, for example, I have set the d-pad up-direction to trigger the keystroke that changes the camera view. When I click the d-pad up, the camera view does change, but the character also moves forward because of the d-pad up. This is driving me nuts, and I am open to any and all suggestions for how I might work this out. I have tried messing with the line in the config file that says: "Logitech Inc. WingMan RumblePad" = "X,Y,slider,Z,RZ,hat,none" but none of the modifications (including removing the line altogether) seem to make any difference. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.