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  1. kiu777

    OS X Compatible Motherboard

    as I supposed already: an ad...
  2. kiu777

    OS X Compatible Motherboard

    A bit late, isn't it? Seems not to be a new news. The board is old and way to expensive for what it is worth. Sounds much like an ad...
  3. kiu777

    Neues System neues Glück

    Sicher, warum nicht?
  4. No problems with combo updater on Asus P5KR with Empire-EFI 1.85-II ;-) Happy me!
  5. kiu777

    Ned help: No Sleep in SL 10.6.2

    exactly ;-) But no solution until now. I think the problem lies in wrong values in a dsdt.aml file or some boot.plist an such secret stuff I don't understand :-(
  6. kiu777

    No Sleep unter SL

    Den Eintrag gibt es nicht bei 10.6.2 Und S3 habe ich auch probiert im BIOS. Ich bin ratlos.
  7. kiu777

    No Sleep unter SL

    Bei mir tut es das bei zwei unterschiedlichen Rechnern nicht und ich habe keine Idee, warum (bis 10.5.8 tat es).
  8. I try to make an Asus P5G31 Barebone with modern Celeron dual core 2,4 GHz an 2 GB RAM plus nVidia 7600GS graphics to work. Nearly all is working with Chameleon 2RC3 (and RC4): Sound, Video, updates etc. Just one thing: When I want to set the Hackintosh to sleep the screen goes black but the power LED doesn't blink and I can't wake up the machine. The same phenomen happens to my older machine with an Asus P5K board (crossflashed to P5KR) which worked perfectly under 10.5.8 but misses sleep ability under Snow Leo. Any idea what to try? Does sleep work on other machines?
  9. kiu777

    10.6.2 ist da

    und crasht bei mir, Kernel Panic beim booten.
  10. kiu777

    SL auf Asus P5K

    enhanced =/= AHCI Äpfel =/= PCs
  11. Cross flashing is no more risky than normal updating the bios. It is necessary (or makes installing much simpler) because it let use AHCI for the drives. Having cross flashed and switched to AHCI you will see the drives with the described usb stick method.
  12. kiu777

    SL auf Asus P5K

    Aber AHCI ist beim P5K unmöglich, ausser Du hast es cross geflasht auf P5KR. Also? Wie hast Du das gemacht?
  13. This thread seems to be an experimenting platform. I found it before. The discussed solutions are a bit to complicated for me. Maybe I'm not such a crack like you but this should not trigger you to get angry, shouldn't it?
  14. Try to cross flash this board with the firmware for the P5KR. Then you can use AHCI for the SATA drives. It's absolutely identical but uses ICH9R instead. Google helps...