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    Developer Preview 4 -- INSTALL FAIL

    Same here and no ideas. Mac Pro 2010)Tried repair permissions and disk repair first but still fail. A reformat and clean install did work, but that isn't what I needed. DP4 is a real mess.
  2. I have a Caldigit card on a mac pro 2010 and their updated driver for 10.6.5 but compared to a windows box with built in isb 3, it is slower, especially on writes. I moved the card from the 4x slot to the 16x slot and it helped a wee bit, but not too much. I tried another evga NEC based usb 3.0 card to see if the drivers would work on it but they do not, at least without mod. In any case the speed of the usb 3 on the mac is definetly better than usb 2, but not at full potential. I do not know whnether this is because of having to use a pci bridge, becuase it's on a mac, or simply badly written drivers. I suspect badly imature drivers is the problem. I don't see this improving much until Apple writes their own. Anyone have any tips for eeking out a bit more speed as it is?