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  1. I managed to boot it with a normal version of Empire EFI however i still need the cd to boot. I tried installing both bootloaders the cd provide but both hangs at the same problems i had previously. Tried Chameleon and MyHack and nothing seems to help. Also I cant make the lan to work. I need for chameleon to work so i can add the beta booter from netkasand add support for my Ati 4350 card.
  2. lilizblack

    Snow Leopard (hazard)

    I had the same problem when using Chameleon RC 2 or the MyHack bootloader. I managed to bypass this with a normal Empire EFI bootloader, only problem is that Empire runs in a cd. I dont know if exist a Empire Efi to install to the HDD but I have to boot the bootloader form cd so i can load snow leopard.
  3. lilizblack

    Snow Leopard on G31TM-P35 (G31TM-P21)

    I managed to installed it but it can only be boot with Empire EFI cd. I tried the chameleon on the zip but it just hangs. Also Lan doesnt work so i cant update at all.
  4. Specs Msi g31tm-p21 Intel core 2 duo 2.66 ghz 4gb ram 500 gb I've been trying to load SL installation disk but I get different hangs 1. Hangs on Couldnt alloc class VoodooHDADevice when using SL Patched DVD5 from here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=215258 2. With Retail DVD it stops either at ACPI System State or loading done After the ACPI showing something about netkas fame smc emulator. Update : I tried another SL retail DVD and i got kernel panics I tried -v cpus=2 or cpus=1, nothing Tried chameleon cd boot, empire efi, legacy empire efi. Nothing My Drive and usb methods stopped blinking at those two hangs I tried other distros of Leopard and i get kernel panics or stuck at the same two hangs metioned before. I read of people being able to run SL on this motherboard. But why when i try all those instructions I still have problems. I even mounted another cd Drive and get the same results. Please I need help.
  5. lilizblack

    MSi G31TM-P21 - DO NOT TRY

    Im getting stressed out! I tried: ideneb iPC iAtkos Snow leopard dvd5 patch with empire efi Snow leopard universal patched with Empire EFI Retail Snow Leopard with Empire and Legacy Empire EFI Two different dvd drives All the mentioned distros in a bootable usb And I get stuck in the same state! After loading the ACPI: System State! I noticed that at this the drive's led stop blinking and the usb as well. What is going on! I have the ACPI enabled in s1 and the HPET as well Nothing is working I have until friday to test this motherboard or exchange it for something else.
  6. lilizblack

    MSi G31TM-P21 - DO NOT TRY

    I tried all you guys said and i always get stuck in "Fail to load kext org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA (error 0xdc00800e) Couldn't alloc class "voodooHDADevice") Update: I re tried it loading defaults and i get stuck at ACPI System State :s0 s2 s3 etc... What bios settings should the motherboard have in order to load Snow Leopard DVD. Apart from enabling HPET. I am using G31TM-P21 board. Also it is possible to use distros of SL? or original?
  7. lilizblack

    Snow Leopard on G31TM-P35 (G31TM-P21)

    I tried this tutorial and i always get stuck in "Fail to load kext org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA (error 0xdc00800e) Couldnt alloc class "voodooHDADevice") Update: I re tried it loading defaults and i get stuck at ACPI System State :s0 s2 s3 etc... What bios settings should the motherboard have in order to load this Snow Leopard DVD. Apart from enabling HPET. I am using G31TM-P21 board.
  8. I've been using Kalyway Leopard all this time. However want to upgrade to 10.5.8 and I tried it on kalyway but it screw my install using ideneb combo upgrade. ( I did it to my lenovo s10 3t and the upgrade worked. That's why I tried it) I tried using ideneb but after multiple installs I can't get it to boot. (I don't know if I'm doing something wrong) I ve been busting my brains doing os x installs and I just gave up on snow leopard after trying 7 different tutorials and three different isos and failed I want to know which distro apart from kalyway might work on my pc and upgrade to 10.5.8. Specs Suttle g33g5 ich9 Intel dual core 2.53ghz 4gb ddr2 ram 500gb sata Dvd writer sata
  9. lilizblack

    Cant Install on my Shuttle SG33G5

    Has anyone tried installing Snow Leopard with Build 10A432 gm v.3.5? I have the same shuttle and tried so many times and fail!
  10. I am trying to install Snow Leopard on my pc with MBR. Ive downloaded Snow Leopard 10.6 (432) GM v.3.5 and it says that the OSInstall.pkg is modded to run in GUID y MBR. Ive been following a tutorial at i hackintosh and infinitemac but both show installationg with 10a432 (with is basically the one im using but retailed.) DIffenrence is that the iso Ive downloaded have more than just x11 and rossetta to install (like sleep enabler, smbiosresolver etc). Ive follow the tutorials as much as possible but as i reboot SL i get the loading screen and the ¨hold the power button issue¨. I don't know if Im doing something wrong, but ive been trying for 10 hours trying to reinstall and fix but fail. Specs are Shuttle XPC G33 Intel DUal core 2.33ghz 4gb DDR2 Ati Radeon hd4350 500GB SATA I have leopard 10.5.2 with kalyway installed (fresh install after a screw up) in order to install Snow leopard. This machine ran kalyway up to 10.5.5 smoothly with MSI Wind Drivers (before the screw up T__T). Im thinking after installing SL to dual boot with win 7 Any help is appreciated!
  11. I used Kalyway on my lenovo s10 3t and i used iDeneb combo update to 10.5.8 and it worked. But when I try the same process in my desktop I get stuck at Still waiting for root device when i boot with -v. Any suggestions?
  12. lilizblack

    atom n450 / pine trail + OS X

    Managed to install Mac os with Kalyway and tweaking the root log in. I used ideneb combo upgrade to update from 10.5.2 to 10.5.8. Update fixed battery, still have native resolution but still no wireless, sound, sleep and touchscreen. I am trying the VoodooHDA 2.5.6 kexts but i keep getting errors in the PrefPane of VoodooHDA saying Cant get registry entry path. I'm using the files from here:http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=355&st=20 but is not working Any help on the lenovo s10 3t?
  13. how can i get VoodooHDA prefpane to work in leopard. I keep getting this Cant get registry entry path error.
  14. lilizblack

    Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    I have a Lenovo s10 3t and according to the manufacture the WIFI is a Wireless BROADCOM BCM4313 11b/g/n. as i look for the id it says pci ven 1434 dev 4727. I am looking for a way to make the wifi works for mac.
  15. lilizblack

    atom n450 / pine trail + OS X

    There are allot of manufactures that do usb touchscreen for macs. I heard some drivers (even if ther´re not manufacture related with the touchscreen) seems to do the trick. Im downloading some for troubleshooting on the weekend. Im going to try MSIOSX86.iso and iPortable Show Leopard.iso for the mac install. Any other version suggested for the lenovo netbooks? I tried MSIOSX86 but after install os couldnt boot even if it has the boot flag it displayed Operation System missing. Didnt even boot chameleon and install was sucessful. Ill retry the weekend