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  1. I just wanted to drop a quick thank you to both Thijmus (For his support efforts) and Sumobritches for his following up with real world questions and not 'I'M A NOOB ".. .. because although I had a working x32 snow install with Sumobritches exact hardware, It was this thread that got me all fired up for a reinstall.. ... So far using DD's scripts, I have a working x64 /w sound and network (only one, but not worried). I also have the EFI string working for Video (GTS250-1gig) as it's supplied by the newest DD script for a leo install.. ... So, following your threads.. I hope to finally get sleep working and do a bunch of DSDT fixes.. So.. Thank you again for you efforts.. I'm just a guy following the thread, but you solution is mine too I have attached my com.apple.boot.plist in case the EFI string comes in handy. Fordee. com_apple_boot_plist.txt
  2. http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/wiki/MacOSX_Build This is the code source to build a Wii / Gamecube Emulator for OSX in 32/64bit. (Note - I don't advocate piracy. This is to play your purchased games on your Hackintosh in HiDef (720p)) I have been struggling with the same errors as the guys at the bottom of the thread.. . Can any game porters with a bit of programming/build background lend a hand?
  3. Wow.. you guys got leopard to run on an AMD?? Cool.. wait till I tell the voodoo guys about this!
  4. I HATE this!

    Spoken like a true diplomat.
  5. Apple sues Wired

    Yes.. but think of all their free publicity now... "WE NOT BEING SUED BY APPLE!! News at 11" They're blog the fact that they're not doing anything, but with style. Meanwhile.... back on the frozen tundra... a snow leopard stalks its prey......
  6. I heard that Snow Leopard was 64 bit, so I grabbed 8 of my old Apple II's, networkd'em together, and I'm Patiently ready for this bad boy's official release! I found an image, and I'm using CCC to re-image it down to 360k chunk's for my floppies, but I've run out. Anyone know where I can still get a few more box's of 5 1/4 - 360K floppies? Thanks! (Seriously .. Support Apple... Respect the Mods... Buy a Licence.. If you want Free, run NetBSD..... or.. there's always Vista)
  7. I agree. .... Now that the proper people have been made aware of the situation ... and several other alternatives have been offered. I motion we close this thread on a positive note.
  8. iPhone 3G 2.2 Update

    Damn.. Clickin way too many buttons without a good drink in my hand can be dangerous.. So I clicked 'next next next I agreee next next ya whatever next next .. .OOOPS" a few too many times. Now what?
  9. The Care & Feeding of XNU

    The release candidate is only hours away.... (Holding breath).... (Booked a sick day of work already for Dec 1st's final release This project is a fork of the XNU kernel utilized by Darwin and Mac OS X whose goal is to provide additional support for hardware and functionality to users which use XNU kernel driven operating systems. Release Candidate http://code.google.com/p/xnu-dev/ 25 Nov '08 Release candidate should be out very soon (hours..). We are just waiting to confirm if all branches are good to go, then we have to merge, compile and upload. There have been some very major changes so the merge / compile is expected to take a while. Final release expected 1 Dec '08 if all goes well. Since we are close to finalizing everything, we are no longer accepting any more bug reports. The Issues tab has been removed and will be re-enabled once RC goes online.
  10. Apple wins antitrust fight with Psystar, judge tosses claims Apple isn't a monopoly; judge calls clone maker's arguments 'contradictory' http://www.computerworld.com/action/articl...;intsrc=hm_list However, Apple's case against Psystar is still a go.. set for Nov 2009.
  11. I'm just rebuilding on a fresh drive /w the guide posted recently on this thread, and would like to put in EFI_v8 in the processes.. but don't have access to irc atm... any suggestions?
  12. I'm running a Ga-965P-ds3 rev 2.0 F10. Is there any immediate advatage to flashing F12, in terms of a hackintosh? Just checking.. I'm gonna give this another shot /w Leo. Other than the GFX card, (running a 6600), I'm runnig the same specs as PunkRockML
  13. Hey punkrockml13, If it's not too much trouble, It would be really cool if you could image your drive, if it's not too crammed with installs yet, and make it available? I think that i'd be really sweet if we all had a fully working leo image based on our favorite board that we could just 'restore' as a starting point. Just my 2 cents worth.. We'd all love to share in your 16 hr labor of love. Any thoughts are appreciated Fordee
  14. .. At risk of sounding silly .. Me too! Brazillian install, worked ok.. followed instructions to replace EFI (v4) and vanilla kernal (and copied over dsmos as well, per vanilla kernel), fixed chmod / chown, rebooted, and now stuck. the next 'step' of the instructions was to boot with -s, use startuptool to change the boot to 'enable efi', but when I did so, I ran into the same issue. No grey apple screen.. just Hit F8, select Leo partition, add -s, hit enter. Computer reboots right where it should be loadin the gui. As the original patched mach_kernel was renamed to mach_kernel.patched, could selecting a different kernel at the boot loader get me back into the leo gui, or other modes to fix it, and if so how to I do so (load alternate kernel)? Much appreciated. fordee.
  15. http://tinyurl.com/3cylos Whats this??