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  1. Yes it is built in ethernet. eep357 the above methods didn't work any other thoughts?? ok i found my old lion DSDT and booted with it and i could login to my apple accounts, but i didnt have any sound and my hard drives were orange on the desktop. What am i doing wrong? Solved I used chameleon wizard and checked off built in ethernet in the boot.plst
  2. ok everything is up and running however my only issue is i cant sign into the app store or iTunes anyone have a solution????
  3. just installed ML and everything is great except i cant log into the app store or iTunes i just get an unknown error has occurred. any thoughts thanks
  4. Hey Guys, What am i missing here. I can boot from my hard disk as long as i have the USB stick in, after that i can remove it. without the usb stick in when i try to boot from the hard disk I just see a bunch of text flying through my screen and then the computer will go through the POST again. thanks
  5. I'm getting this error in terminal when running the command in step 4 Attaching OS X Mountain Lion... hdiutil: attach failed - No such file or directory What am i missing? Thanks
  6. waiting for root device after 10.7.2 update

    Thanks for the link,it solved my issues.
  7. i read that i need to install Chameleon 1496 where do i download it from thanks
  8. Safari - flash plugin und reload errors

    Do all the files go in the E/E folder where do i put them?
  9. Safari - flash plugin und reload errors

    same problem here....
  10. No Flash

    Is this normal i read there are bugs but i can't get any flash content.
  11. hi guys after getting lion installed i noticed my file transfer speeds are slow, i looked at my linksys router and noticed i have a green light which indicates 10/100 and not gigabit speeds which is a yellow light can anyone help with this one? the next I'm using in my E/E folder is RealtekR1000SL.kxt thanks ok i think i fixed it i went into the advanced setting in the network settings selected manual and chose 1000baseT. can anyone confirm if i want half-duplex or Full-duplex. thanks
  12. I used to have Chameleon boot after so many seconds and i can't remember how i did this can anyone help me
  13. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    Where is the DMG version i dont see it, I also get this error Attaching OS X Lion... hdiutil: attach failed - No such file or directory
  14. [TOTALLY VANILLA] Retail Snow Leopard

    Well i finally had some time to look at 64bit sound issue i was having and found a fix i downloaded the voodooHDA.kext from here and just dragged it into kext utility and i now have sound. i know there is an issue with scratchy sound after waking from sleep a reboot fixes it. if anyone has a better solution please let me know.
  15. [TOTALLY VANILLA] Retail Snow Leopard

    i use it as well i believe thats was the issue with 10.6.2 that we all had to update but still i have to do a manual sleep thats not really a problem for me it more about the audio which i still need to spend some time on